Librarian Courses in India

Librarian Courses in India – After the advent of digital information and the shift from hard copy text,the job of the librarian in the 21st century has transformed into that of an information and database manager.The courses that are available nowadays are not only called librarian courses but Librarian and Information Sciences courses.


What you will learn in a Librarian Course

  • New techniques in management of libraries
  • Management of large data and knowledge centres
  • Modern Library Science


Librarian courses

  • B.Lib – This is also a one year course that you can do after you graduate and you can secure admission if you have atleast 50% marks in your graduate final year exam.


  • M.Lib – If you want to take up a master degree after doing B.Lib this is a good one year course to do and you can easily get into it if you have 50% marks in your B.Lib final marks course.


  • D.Lib – Diploma in Library Science is an undergraduate diploma course that you can take up after doing your 10+2 board exams.It is a one year course and in order to get admission you need to have atleast 45% marks overall in your class 12 boards.

B.Lib Course Subjects and Syllabus

  • Library,Information and Society
  • Library Classification (Theory and Practical)
  • Library Cataloging (Theory and Practical)
  • Library Management and Information Centre
  • Information Sources and Services
  • Library Information Technology

B.Lib Eligibility and Fees

In order to get admission into a B.Lib I.Sc course you need to have passed your final year bachelors exam with atleast 45%.Most colleges accept your admission with this minimum score but you should have scored 50% to be on safe side  as sometimes the seats get filled up according to higher merit.

The FEES are approximately Rs.10,000 per semester.Total fees for the full course will be approximately Rs.25,000.

About the course

The course itself runs for two semesters in one academic year and is the subjects are not hard to clear.Even if you are an Arts student,you should find it easy as most subjects are theory based.Some computer based practicals are there which are elementary level.

Future scope and job scope

Most of you think that being a librarian is an easy job which you remember from your days back at school.The general notion is that the librarian sits in the library the full day and does not do much work.Yes in my school we had student volunteers who also were librarians and used to do all the actual “work” of arranging book on the shelves,putting back books and periodicals in the respective areas and checking in and out of books that were being borrowed by students.

The main “librarian” who was hired for the job used to just supervise them.

Some of the roles you will be hired as are:

  • Documentation Officer
  • Library and Information Officer
  • Information Analyst

You can find employment in :

  • Cultural Institutions
  • Digital Libraries
  • Schools
  • Galleries
  • Knowledge Centers
  • Database Companies
  • News and Media Offices
  • Photo and Film Libraries
  • Printing and Publishing firms
  • Information ARchitect
  • Corporate Documentation

Librarian Courses in India

Librarian cum teaching jobs are more in demand in schools throughout the country.This is because the school can use the librarian for two jobs and pay him/her more wages.

Look at the ad below it is asking for a librarian that will double up as both a part time teacher as well as someone who will look after the library.

Librarian Courses in India


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