List of Universities in Meghalaya


List of Universities in Meghalaya

Meghalaya and its capital city Shillong is one of the most progressive states in the entire north east of India.they are not only the most cultural forward but also in terms of lifestyle,education,music,economy and other areas happen to be the most enterprising people.Just by looking at the number of universities this small state has as compared to the size of its population and area one can surmise that these 9 universities are more than enough to provide a substantial education to its young students.

Career, Courses and Universities in Meghalaya

The native people of the hilly state of Meghalya are traditionally craftsman,foragers,small business owners,but the new breed of students have a multitude of educational courses to choose from.Law,technical science,engineering,mathematics,Economics,computers and other subjects that are beneficial in order to get a start in their careers.

There are various types of bachelor,masters and certification courses that are up for grabs by these students and even some part time courses are available for those who are working.

Below we present to you an elaborate and comprehensive list of universities in the state of Meghalaya.They have been alphabetically and serially arranged in a sequential manner on the basis of the region,territory,taluka or city.In order to see the details of any one of these universities,simply click the link that will redirect you to the standalone page.If there is a missing university that we have not included in our list then please get in touch with us and add the institution.

List of Universities in Meghalaya


University Name State
Cmj University Meghalaya
Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya
Martin Luther Christian University Meghalaya
Mizoram University Meghalaya
North Eastern Hill University Meghalaya
The Institute Of Chartered Financial Analysts Of India University, Meghalaya Meghalaya
University Of Science & Technology Meghalaya
University Of Technology & Management Meghalaya
William Carey University Meghalaya



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