List of universities in Delhi


List of universities in Delhi – The top universities in Delhi are spread over the southern campus areas of the state,however Delhi is not only a cultural epicenter of education but also happens to be the capital city and state of the entire nation.Students from all areas of the NCR – national capital region and neighboring states – Haryana,Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan all enroll in a Delhi university.

List of universities in Delhi

The best part of getting admission into a Delhi university is that there is so much choice by way of the number of variation of courses that a student can opt for.From Arts,science and commerce being the oldest three academic streams we have now humanities,social studies,medicine,finance,music,Engineering, Law,Ayurveda,hospitality and a plethora of computer related streams that can be taken up.

Students are spoiled for choice and even through the DU which has its main campus in South Delhi and is run by the state government is the number one choice for most students,we have listed a total of 25 universities in the state that a candidate can opt for.

Lets face it – getting into DU is almost an impossible task and the cutoff marks are some of the highest in the world.This is the reason we have given you a wider choice so that by giving the admission form in these other universities,there is a chance that you will get in atleast one of the them.

Courses,career in the best Delhi Universities

There are various courses,programs that will benefit the candidate in order to secure a career in future and these maybe in the form of bachelors courses,Masters,diplomas or even a Ph.d.Some of the most famous courses currently being offered by some of the Delhi universities are B.Com,B.Ed,BSc,BCA – M.Sc,M.Phil,M.Ed,MBBS etc.

Some of the more prominent universities that we have featured on our list include Indian Law institute for LL.B and LL.M , National school of drama for those budding actors/actresses, DTU – Delhi technical university for engineering degrees – B.E /B.Tech.

There are a total of 25 Universities in Delhi

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