Masters in Education (M.Ed)


Masters in Education (M.Ed) – You can pursue your M.Ed degree directly after doing B.Ed.It is a two year course,but some universities haveĀ  short duration course that lasts for 1 year.It is useful in giving you a wider scope of career options.Also if you plan on teaching higher classes or wish to become a headmaster/ headmistress, then it is mandatory.

After doing class 12 you can directly go for the D.Ed course or D.El.Ed and get teaching experience in the elementary classes,after which you can do a B.Ed degree certification for a qualified teacher.The B.Ed degree is more than sufficient for you to get a job teaching classes upto class 8.

Only if you plan on going further up the teaching chain for junior and senior college should you try attempting an M.Ed degree.

If you have another masters degree and then do a B.Ed you will be qualified to teach in college also.



What you learn in the M.Ed course

This M.Ed course is useful if you want to teach in senior high school or junior college.Also if you want to become a principal of a school at some point in your career,this is a must have degree.

  • To give teachers tools in order to instill leadership and organizational skills
  • To give modern day teaching ideas and to crate a good teacher student environment
  • To enable teachers to get a specialization in teaching to become educational leaders

About the M.Ed course

Just like the B.Ed course,this M.Ed course is of one/two year duration and is divided into two/four semesters.(some colleges offer a two year course)

Depending on the university that the college is affiliated to,there might be a credit system of grades.

In order to be ELIGIBLE to get admission into M.Ed course the most important pre condition is that you need to have done your B.Ed degree prior to applying for admission.

Some of the subject specialties you can choose are:

  • Education Technology
  • Education Policy
  • Inclusive Education
  • Economics of Education

Some of the subjects in the M.Ed course :

  • Sociological Foundations of Education
  • Advanced Research & Statistics in Education
  • Teacher Education
  • i) Teaching-Learning Process
    in Elementary Education
    ii) Teaching-Learning Process in Secondary & Higher
    Secondary Education
  • Educational Administration, Planning & Economics in Education
  • Curriculum and evaluation in Secondary & Higher Secondary
  • a) Dissertation Work – (Guidance + Contact hours =Total Work)
    b) Viva-Voce For Dissertation

In addition to theory papers,there will also be practicals,research work,dissertation and oral exams.



If you intend teaching at a higher level in senior high school and senior college upto graduation level,then this is an important degree to have.Of course in order to teach a particular science subject,you will need that masters degree in that particular field,but M.Ed is mandatory for higher job positions in administration as well as teaching.

Some of the job openings you can attempt:

  • Junior college teacher
  • Coaching class
  • High School teacher
  • Vice Principal of college
  • Principal of school
  • Education Consultant


B.Ed is known as the ultimate education degree for a teacher,but it is limited to teaching in school.If you want to get a higher position especially in a government backed education institute then it makes to do an M.Ed.

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