Bachelor in Education ( B.Ed)


Bachelor in Education ( B.Ed) – This one year degree course after graduation will fully train and qualify you as a legitimate teaching professional and allow you to take up teaching positions in top schools in metro cities.You will be qualified in new modern day teaching methods and also be recruited to teach senior secondary school.


I will clear some of the confusion with regards to TGT,PGT and B.Ed.

TGT – Trained Graduate Teacher – Simply put,if you are justĀ  graduate and take up the B.Ed course,then you will be qualified to teach upto class 8.

PGT – Post Graduate Teacher – If you holding a post graduate degree + B.Ed then you can teach all the way till class 12.This can be any masters degree plus the B.Ed.It can also be an M.Ed.

Why choose B.Ed over D.Ed ?

the most fundamental reason as to why you should choose B.Ed over D.Ed or D.El.Ed is so that you can teach middle,high and senior high school levels.This means you will be allowed to officially and qualified to teach even upto 10+2 level of junior college.

If you want to pursue a teaching degree right after class 12 then go in for the Diplomas like D.Ed or D.El.Ed which both have the same sort of curriculum.If you want to attempt the B.Ed course it can only be done after you are a graduate.

The most important thing to note here is that B.Ed is a much more recognized degree as it is a bachelors degree compared to the diploma.More schools will give preference to the B.Ed and also you will ge ta higher salary plus you can teach higher classes.

Eligibility to B.Ed course

In order to get admission into a B.Ed college you need to have done your graduation in any stream from a reputed board or university.Most B.Ed colleges ask for 50% marks in the final exam of your graduate stream.

You do not need a D.Ed diploma to get admission into the B.Ed course.


About the B.Ed Course

You learn lots of methods of teaching to order to stand in front of middle and senior school children.

Some of the things you will learn in your B.Ed course are:

  • The right approach to instilling concepts and ideas into students
  • To give the students good values and direction while experiencing the subjects and knowledge
  • To show the right approach to the students to a particular subject matter

B.Ed Course highlights

The B.Ed Course is one year long post graduate course that has a few theory subjects as well as practical based teaching assignments.These teaching subjects are the most important and you need to get good grades in it in order to get placed in a better school.

In addition to the Theory and Practical teaching there are also assignments as well as internal assessments that need to be done throughout the course of the academic year.


B.Ed Course fees,admission,subjects

Some of the subjects you will study in your academic year are:

  • Childhood and growing up
  • Pedagogy of school
  • Education Management
  • Assessment for learning
  • Contemporary education in India
  • Peace Education
  • Creating an Inclusive School

The FEES charged by most institutes are approximately starting from Rs.25,000 per academic year.Note that some universities have a two year program.

Admission can be taken after graduating from a recognized board or university with atleast 50% marks in the final year examination.



B.Ed is the most powerful teaching degree you can get.It certifies you as a trained and qualified teaching professional and you can get jobs in:

  • Private,Public and Municipal Schools
  • International School
  • Playgroups / Day care Centers
  • Coaching classes

In top private schools of a metro city,a B.Ed teacher can command a salary of upto Rs.45,000 a month and more.

IB schools that follow the International system of education pay upto Rs.85,000 a month.

Government and Municipal school will pay you according to the seventh pay commission which starts from approx Rs.28,000 in hand for a permanent position.

Temporary teachers who are still on probation period can receive wages calculated on daily basis and do not get paid for holidays.



After doing D.Ed or D.El.Ed it is a good idea to pursue B.Ed if you have completed your graduation.IT is the only way to getĀ  good salary to get a job in a government institution as it is mandatory to have a B.Ed to teach higher classes.

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