MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)


MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) – One of the most famous courses since the last 100 years which allows you to become a medical doctor is still the dream of millions today.Due to large number of new diplomas and Bsc degrees in the medical field,more students are opting for those as are not only easy to get admission into,but are also easy to pass and most importantly,-gives you a specialty in a single medical field.

MBBS on the other hand is like a “jack of all trades” medical certification governed by the Medical Coucil of India-MCI.

Make sure to only take admission into a college that is affiliated to the MCI.

For a full list of colleges regulated by MCI click here


– The reason why people say it is so difficult to clear is because there are many theoretical subejcts in each semester.There is no concept learning or understanding that involves maths or physics,it is simple facts that need to be by hearted BUT why it gets hard,is because you have to learn different names of drugs which are hard as well as different symptoms,conditions and dieases that each drug can treat.All this together makes it confusing and easy to forget,just like Organic Chemistry. – It is volatile !


After doing NEET or the state medical entrance exam you can get admission based on merit score either in MBBS, Ayurveda colleges.An alternate to these two is also Homeopathic colleges,but the scope is better with allopathic MBBS and second Ayurveda,last comes Homeopathic medicine.

BAMS degree -Ayurveda is slowly gaining lots of importance due to Patanjali products.For small ailments it might be a good cure.Similarly,Homeopathic drugs are also good for small problems like skin,rash,indigestion.BUT for virus and bacterial based sickness taking allopathic drugs through a registered MBBS doctor is the best hope.

In private medical colleges,it will costs atleast Rs.4-5 lacs per year.You will end up paying atleast 20-25 lacs for your entire MBBS course.

On the other hand Government colleges fees are about one third of that of the private college fees

About the MBBS course

The course runs for 5 and a half years,where the last one year is internship in a live hospital setting,under the guidance of a senior physician and you will have to attend to real patients.

Subjects of MBBS

There will be total of 9 semesters in the 4.5 years.After this there will be on job training Internship.

SEMESTER 1 and 2 is called Pre Clinical and you will study:


SEMESTER 3,4,5  is called as Para-clinical and the subjects for these semesters are:

Community Medicine
Forensic Medicine
Clinical postings in wards and OPDs

SEMESTERS 6,7,8,9 are the Clinical practice and you will learn:

Community Medicine,
Medicine and allied subjects (Psychiatry, Dermatology); Obst.Gynae.;
Surgery and allied subjects (Anesthesiology,E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Orthopedics);
Clinical postings;

Exams Schedule of MBBS

In the 4 and half years of classroom study there are total of 9 semesters,each of 6 months duration.In this time there will be three main exams that you need to clear.

First Exam – After semester 2

Second Exam – After semester 5

Third Exam – After semester 9

These are the main exams,but in addition to these there will be small tests,assignments and mid term assessments

You will get 50% marks for these main 3 exams and 50% for the mid term exams,assignments and assessments.

Courses after MBBS

MBBS is a stepping stone to other specialty medicinal courses that you can do after completing MBBS and getting little experience. I have drawn a flowchart to explain it better:

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

Postgraduate Courses:

MD – Doctor of Medicine is a 3 years course that can be directly attempted after doing MBBS

1 General Medicine
2 Paediatric
3 Anatomy
4 Anaesthesiology
5 Pharmacology
6 Pathology
7 Microbiology
8 Radio Diagnosis
9 Pulmonary Medicine
10 Psychiatry
11 Physiology
12 Community Medicine
13 Dermatology,Venerology and Leprosy
14 Immuno Haematology & BloodTransfusion
15 Forensic Medicine

MS – MAster of surgery is a 3 years course that can be attempted after doing MBBS

1   General Surgery
2   Orthopaedics
3   Opthalmology
4   Oto Rhinolaringology
5   Obstetrics and  Gynaecology

Diploma Courses – These diplomas are all 2 years long in duration and can be attempted after doing MBBS.

1 Diploma in  Gynaecology Obstetrics
2 Diploma in Child Health
3 Diploma in Anaesthesia
4 Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
5 Diploma in Public Health
6 Diploma in Psychiatry Medicine
7 Diploma in Dermatology,Venerology and Leprosy
8 Diploma in Ophthalmology
9 Diploma in Diabetology
10 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (D.M.L.T.)

Courses after MS / MD

DM or Doctor of medicine is an advanced qualification that doctors can get after doing an MD.

1 Cardiology
2 Neurology
3 Nephrology
4 Medical Gastro Enterology
5 Endocrinology
6 Neonatology
7 Clinical Pharmacology
8 Cardiac  Anaesthesiology
9 Paediatric Anaesthesiology
10 Clinical Haematology

M.Ch or MAster of Chirurgaie – (surgery in latin)-is an advanced surgical certification that doctors can get after completing MS. ( Master of Surgery).It is a 3 years course.

1 M.Ch.  Cardio Vascular Thoracic  Surgery
2 M.Ch.  Plastic and  Reconstructive Surgery
3 M.Ch.  Urology 3 years
4 M.Ch.  Paediatric Surgery 3 years
5 M.Ch.  Neuro Surgery 3 years


Some of the jobs that an MBBS degree can get you are:

  • Medical Reviewer
  • Physician in Clinic/Hospital/Diagnostic Centre
  • Medical Officer Resident
  • General OPD
  • Mobile Medical Van
  • Medical Case Analysis
  • RMO
  • Medical Officer
  • MEdical Heath Insurance
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug Safety
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Medical Writer

Jobs in a hospital

REsident doctor – You can get a residency in a hospital if you are pursuing a graduate course of 3 years,or a residency of 2 years if you are doing a 3 year diploma currently.Pay is approximately Rs.12,000 per month.

Lecturer – If you have got a post graduate degree,you can apply for the Lecturer post in a hospital /medical school.You can be paid atleast Rs.16000 per month.

ASsosiate Professor – IF you have 5 years experience as  lecturer you can get a post of the Assosciate professor and teach in medical school cum hospitals.The starting pay for this post is atleast Rs.20,000 per month.

Professor – With five years experince as an associate professor you can get the job of a Professor to teach your sepciality subjects and the startin pay grade is from Rs.25,000

In private medical colleges,it will costs atleast Rs.4-5 lacs per year.You will end up paying atleast 20-25 lacs for your entire MBBS course.

On the other hand Government colleges fees are about one third of that of the private college fees



Two words – Respect and Money.You will forever as long as you live have a prefix of “Dr.” before your name.Just that will make people look at you with awe and give you immense respect.

Even the Monetary remuneration is very high.A Government hospital wil pay less for a fresher,but a private hospital will start you off with atleast Rs.4.5 LPA CTC.This will double within 3 years and is a rewarding career.




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