Negative Recommendation Letter – Sample example format


Sample Negative Recommendation Letter – A negative or bad reference letter is usually written in a professional recommendation format.It usually is an extreme step and should be used sparingly in rare cases. Rather than write someone a negative reference letter,it would wise to just turn down the request for writing the letter in the first place.

Negative Recommendation Letter

Each one to his own,if there is a grudge you have towards a certain person in the office, or dislike someone and may feel inclined to write him a negative reference letter,hold up and do the right thing.Remember that his future job prospects hang on those words.

In a positive way that this can be used- If there is a disgruntled employee that created a ruckus and left (due to insubordination or general unprofessional behavior) and this letter needs to be sent out to warn the future employer of the employees misdoings.

Why do people write  a Negative Recommendation Letter ?

The most common reason why someone would write  a negative reference letter is because the employee did not perform to the bet of his/her capabilities and this reflected poorly on the team manager.Remember your immediate superior or manager is held responsible for your performance. In an instance where goals and targets are to be met,if you under perform, it bring the entire team number down,and as a result,your manager gets the heat because of your actions.

Other reasons are simply that your employer just doesn’t like you,or if you had a spat with your boss or left the job after a conflict of ideas or differences.

Should you write a Negative Recommendation Letter ?

Like i mentioned earlier,there are times when it is necessary to write  a negative reference letter for someone who went overboard and messed up badly.For whatever reason,if the person is just not good enough for a particular task,wasn’t hard working enough,wasn’t skilled,didn’t have the required expertise or made a fatal error that cost the company and department dearly.In such extreme cases,this negative recommendation serves as a warning to a future employer to watch out for these actions if he/she decides to still go ahead and employ that person even after your negative reference.


Negative Recommendation Letter sample format 

To Whomsoever it may concern,

This is with regards to Rob Ashley’s job application and possible future employment with your firm.Rob has been an junior lawyer at our firm since the past eight months.It is with deep regret that i have to inform you of Mr. Ashley’s past performance and actions at our office.He was assigned as an associate to handle documentation  on 3 cases in this time period.Not only did he misplace the legal Deeds and Resolutions on two cases, but had a verbal spat with the senior consul at our firm.His behavior showed no regret in this matter and his attitude was arrogant.

His performance in the courtroom and in other apects of legal documentation is poor.Also his  knowledge of Civil law is just about average.

I hope and pray you will not have the misfortune of having such an individual that lacks character and ethics be part of your firm.If you need more clarification or any more insight into the matter, please feel free to reach out to me on the phone number listed below.

Susan Boyle

Senior Consul

Roswell and Clark Partners,

Santa Clara,California




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