Professional Reference Letter Sample


Professional Reference Letter Sample – If you are a Supervisor or Manager reading this and you need to write a Professional Reference Letter for an employee that is leaving the company then these tips will help you.This differs from the character reference sample.As the name suggests, the professional reference will highlight the professional qualities,skills,traits,Hard Skills and background more,whereas the Character Reference Letter will talk about the character,behavioral attributes,nature and disposition of the individual them self.

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Professional Reference Letter Sample

Both are equally important before hiring a person for a vacancy post in a company.The hiring manager or Human Resource Manager will want not only the new recruit to perform well in his/her new role but also have all around good work ethics and should be get along well with others in the work environment on a social level too.In this article we will discuss only the Professional reference letter.

How to write a Professional Reference Letter

The Professional Reference Letter needs to touch upon all things that pertain to the tasks and designation that was assigned to. You being the person in his previous job when he/she was working under.In this Professional Reference Letter, you will address the following.

Duties & Responsibilities: What was the employees previous role in your company and what were his/her duties and assignments.What was their work responsibility and how did they fare in it.What jobs did they excel in were did How many assignments did they successfully finish.

Tasks completed or Achievements:What role did they play in the progress of a particular project and were they instrumental in taking the company forward in a particular field.When they were hired what designation were they assigned and after how long did they rise up to the next level.did they ever get a promotion ? and what final designation were they when they now plan on joining your new company.What forums and conferences did they represent your company in ?


Professional demeanor -What is their professional disposition with superiors and the managerial workforce? How well does he/she follow orders from the senior staff?How corteous and polite are they when talking to clients?These points need to be mentioned in a single paragraph.

Technical skills learnt – What was the learning experience whilst in the company y.How far has he/she grown and progressed in the duration of being under you.Have those skills developed into expertise and can it be manifested into profit.Will this expertise be relevant to the new job that he/she is applying to?


Professional Reference Letter Sample Soft Copy by Email

Sub:Professional Reference for Kelly Shaw

Dear Angela,

This is a reference to recommend Kelly Shaw for the position of Quality controller for your company.She has been with my head office since the last three years and has shown great dedication and spirit in all checking the durability and quality checks on our produce.

She will be a valuable asset to you and has been reporting to me with good results over the last few years.I hope my reference will give her an edge and secure her the position that she has applied for.

Besides being great at her job and duties,she also is a great person to approach and she is of great help to the newer staff in the office.


I am hoping her expertise and productive skill set will be a boon to your team.

If you feel the need the need to clarify anything else,please do not hesitate to email back on this address.

Thanking you.

Miriam Wallace

Quality Head, Max Air


Professional Reference Letter Sample Printed / Hand written


Reggie Mangalo

Suntech Inc.

54 Crescent Avenue,

Silicon Valley,California

Subject:Reference for Samuel Johnson

Dear Sir,

It is with great conviction that i wish to recommend Samuel Johnson for the position of Technical Lead,Memory Division at your Prestigious Company.Samuel has been working under my lead since the last two years and has shown keen interest in innovation of our new products.He has excelled in his job here with us and he will be a valued addition to you.It is with a heavy heart that i have to let him go,but i’m hoping his future with you will make him grow even more.

He has worked extensively on the Random memory module that was featured at the green Oak Tech Fair this year,for which we were chosen as  the best emerging startup.Rest assured his efforts on the project was profound and helped us secure that small victory.

I am hoping you will consider his application for appointment.If you need any more details about his work , you may contact me on the address provided below.

Kind Regards

Joseph Valentine

Digi Memory Systems

144,San Francisco Boulevard



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