How to write a reference letter

How to write a reference letter – A reference letter or recommendation letter is either from a teacher or professor or principal for a student or from a manager employer for a former employee.This letter sells a positive pitch and endorses the candidate for a particular job or college admission. It is a prerequisite fora new job applicant or student and it gives a background about the individual to the new company or university.These types of recommendation letters can be a professional reference letter or a personal reference letter.If you do not feel the need to write the reference letter, you can always turn down the request.
Why is a reference letter asked?
1. The new organization wants to do a subtle a background check on the new applicant.This is a good way to find out all the traits,accomplishments and if any negative attributes before the new candidate is given a position/admission.If this score check can be conducted in a formal way it takes the whole process more professional and also this will be in  written format to serve as a proof for future reference.2.Most new employers or deans of universities will not want to admit or hire a new person who is a complete stranger in every way.They want someone with a positive past,good up bringing and background to be part of their organization or college.3.All reference letters are written from a person on the same professional level to someone on the same level like from manager from Company A to manager of company B. This give a sense of trust between the recipient of the letter and the person who has written it. This is because  in most instances the source of the letter is from a figure of equal authority as themselves, and this instills more trust,recognition and weight-age to the letter.

What points should you mention in the reference letter ?

1.Skills- The most important factor which might affect someone who is getting a job or admission is the skills they posses. Whether it is in the workplace or in the science lab. These are the single most important virtue that an superior is looking for before they hire or select you.This needs to be given the most importance and it should stand out and be highlighted in the reference letter.These skills have to be systematically mentioned in a one paragraph and if it being written for an employee then emphasis should be given to the fact that those skills were acquired while working on the former job and they are invaluable.

2.Experience – If applying for a position in a company,the employer or manger that is writing the letter needs to state the time period for which the employee has been working under them.In case of a professor,it should be said for how many years they were teaching the student.This time frame, the longer being better shows how long the relationship between the writer of the letter and for whom its being written.A longer time frame signifies a stronger bond and also gives more assurance of the candidates integrity through that period.

3. Achievements – without going over the top, the accomplishments need to mentioned in the third paragraph of the recommendation letter.These should include any extra curricular events, fairs,targets, seminars attended or awards won.The employee / student should seem like a “prized” possession literally.Everyone wants to hire or select a winner, because not only will it be advantageous to the new organization / college, but will also be a sense of pride to have a winner on the team.

4.Social – Besides talking about the official accomplishments and goals of the candidate, a note in the last paragraph should also be made regarding the personal character and his overall behavior with peers and senior staff.Everyone loves a disciplined and polite person,especially when faculty managers want to delegate tasks and responsibilities to the new employee.The way he/she interacts with office colleagues and others in the work place is also good for the office environment.

How to write a reference letter – How to frame it ?

1.Starting  off with a formal salutation addressing the recipient

2.Short Introduction/Opening about yourself and introduce the candidate whom you are endorsing.

3.First paragraph- Outstanding skill set learnt during the duration of previous job/school.

4.Second paragraph- Duration you have known the candidate and his/her experience in the field/study.

5.Third paragraph -Achievements and qualities of the candidate.

6.Fourth paragraph -Personal character of the individual .

7.Closing with regards/thanks

8.Your designation,address,Email/Phone Number

To see a sample recommendation letter for an employee click here or else view a sample reference letter for college or higher studies.

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