Recommendation letter from employer for higher studies


Recommendation letter from employer for higher studies – From employer for a job – is a single important piece of reference that a former manager or supervisor can give to an employee that is taking up another job in a new company or organization. Just like a recommendation letter for college or higher studies that is given by a teacher or professor,this letter gives a character sketch of the new employee and can be a deciding factor when applying for a position.

If you are an employee reading this then always remember to maintain cordial and healthy relationships with your superiors and peers in  the office environment so that a strong positive personal reference letter can be written about you. If you are a manager or supervisor that is going to write a Professional recommendation letter then bear in mind that the employees future career hangs on balance on the basis of this letter you will provide.Whatever you write in this letter dressed to his/her future employer will be crucial to landing that new job.So before you start off writing the letter here are a few points to remember to keep or avoid.If you do not want to write the letter then you can politely turn down the request.


Recommendation letter for employee

What to write in the Recommendation letter from employer for higher studies

Positive experiences- Being an employer or boss,it is your responsibility to give a positive endorsement for your outgoing employee.Formal and informal exchanges with this employee should be mentioned and could even talk of out of office experiences. This gives a feeling of sincerity even out of the work place and shows the employee to be an all around genuine good-hearted individual. Exchanges and instances that have occurred between the employer and employee as swell as between other employees need to be put down to show that the employee can maintain a good relationship with not only his superiors and bosses but also with his peers in the work environment.


Accomplishments – Your pitch should most importantly mention all the good work that the former employee has done for the company and his influence at the work place that has given rise to some sort of profit for the company.What he has achieved in his span of time in this company will give him good credibility and show his worth in what kind of value he can bring along with him to the new company.

List the  job description and details of job what he did- His job profile and tasks of work that he has accomplished or what he/she has set out to bring to the company in terms of business is important to list.This will tell the new employer that he will be an asset to the new firm.His current job schedule and designation  will give a brief idea to what role he played in the company current standing and what work he can be used for in future.

Mention phrases involving hardworking and dedicated – As mentioned in the previous recommendation letter extract, painting a good picture of the employee is beneficial for him/her.By giving an image of a hard working and sincere to him/her let the new employer trust the person more and gives a sense of keen dedication to his/her craft.

Mention how long he/she is working-The goals that are accomplished ad the skills learnt and acquired – Give the date of commencement of the job that the employee has given his services to the company and the date of termination or end of contract date.In this period mention the various tasks in the dates the employee has finished and the stipulated time it took to complete each assignment or project.This is important if the work involves time restricted tasks and gives a positive light on the time efficiency that the employee has.

Mention details of resume\track record over years -Mentioning the past work history as well as the current track record of the employee needs to be touched upon in your reference letter.This track record gives a sense of continuation and serves as a good progress measure for the employee.


What to avoid writing in the Recommendation letter for employee

Avoid mentioning Incidents that have had a negative impact on the atmosphere of the work place.Any sort of missed opportunities,in-capabilities or implications that render the Reference letter useless .Keep the paragraphs brief to the point and do not over emphasize the aspirations or achievements,else it will seem like its over done.Do not even in the slightest bit hint of having negative experiences with the employee in the office or even on a personal note.


Sample format Recommendation letter for employee


The Human Resource Manager at ABC Inc,

74,Mullholand Drive,

Santa Monica, 90217

Subject:Reference letter for Miss. Sharlene Roberts

Dear Sir,

This is with regards to Miss. Sharlene Roberts hoping to be a future employee in your organisation.

It give me great pleasure to recommend Ms.Roberts to you, as she has shown exemplary performance and a top notch track record in all her 3 years that she spent at our company.She has shown keen interest to learn more and to share her knowledge with the rest of her colleagues. She has been on the forefront in all aspects relating to her work and will be a value added asset to you.

She has been a good sales representative for our company and has constantly brought in good volumes of business for us.She has headed the sales teams in our West Coast Office for the last one year and has been a great motivational leader to her subordinates. As a Sales Team leader her combined sales have been one of the highest in recent years and has always managed to reach the prescribed targets every month ,ahead of schedule.

I wish to recommend Ms. Roberts both on a professional as well as personal level and can vouch for her diligence,efficiency and productivity. As much as her leaving us would be a loss for us, i’m hoping she will add value,ideas and a keen sense of leadership to her new team when she joins your company.Her spirit and determination will do wonders for your office and will also bring about a refreshing change to your team leadership.

If you feel the need to contact me for more information or queries, you an reach me at 555-427-3245.

Thanking you

Ashley Graham

Operations Manager, Outbound LLC.

Santa Monica,California


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