Character Reference Letter Sample


Character Reference Letter Sample – What sets a personal reference letter from a Professional Reference letter, is that the Professional letter written by a manager for an employee will talk more about the professional qualifications, jobs, responsibilities and technical work knowledge that the person has .This Character reference focuses mainly on the personal side of the person and is often more informal.It is less asked for, but many a times when there is insufficient prior work experience for a job applicant,it needs to be furnished.

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Character Reference Letter

What needs to be listed in a Character Reference Letter

A less formal touch of expression needs to be given while writing this type of recommendation letter.As it deals with the persons morale,ethics and character, it needs to be dealt with delicately. Only a manager  or senior staff member that knows the applicant on a more personal level may feel that he/she would be capable enough to write the reference letter.

There are times when the job applicant is excellent in his work and very well versed in the jobs that he is delegated to, but may not have a good personality and may have negative character traits that may tarnish his image.This could lead to unnecessary office politics which is not favorable ad creates a on conducive atmosphere.

It seems obvious that if a manager or employer is willing to stake his/her reputation by endorsing a former employee then the character sketch that is written will be a positive one.It maybe unwise to write negative experiences if any, as that would defeat the purpose for the recommendation.

Positive aspects of the applicant needs to mentioned like trust,loyalty and dedication to the service that he is providing to the company.Without citing instances in general,it should be felt that the employee is good behind a desk doing his job as well as in front of it when interacting with the other office workers.


How to frame a Character Reference Letter 

The framing of the Character Reference Letter Sample  needs to be limited and to the point.There is no need to talk too much about the professional side of the employee as that will be covered in detail in the Professional Reference letter.

Introduction –  A simple non formal salutation addressed to the recipient

First paragraph -A brief sketch about the person who is being recommended covering both the professional and personal sides of the employee.

Second paragraph – In this section you can talk a little more about the personal attributes of the person.This way when you ease into it , it wont seem that you putting the person on a pedestal too soon.

Closing Passage – Brief thanks and contact information.

Character Reference Letter Sample by email soft copy

Sub:Personal reference for Lily Taylor

Dear Giselle,

This email is a recommendation for Lily Taylor, who has applied for the post of communications specialist at your tv station.

I have been working with Lily at WKRP since the past 15 months and have since gotten to know her on a professional as well as a personal level.She is  a young woman who has tremendous potential and has just started out with her career.Her technical expertise in the communications servers is very profound and is unparalleled. She has constantly been one of the lead programmers for our division.Beside that she also is a wonderful person and is extremely hard working.

My personal experience with her has bee nothing short of wonderful.She has a keen sense of humor and is great fun to have around in the division.Extremely mature for her age and a patient listener.So far there has been no qualms or bad reports pertaining to her character. I can fully vouch that she is a sincere and trustworthy person to have around.As much as i will miss her once she has gone,i can confidently say you will have gained a gem of a person.

I am always available at this email address and you can mail me anytime if you need any more information about Lily.

Warm Regards,

Richard Croft,WKRP







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