Transfer of residence rules for nri


Transfer of residence rules for nri – This may apply to people who have worked abroad for a few years, setup their home there and now when they want to get back to their home country require to import their household belongings here.the procedure is given below when TR is availed for a full container load is filled. Some used items may attract a minimal duty charge and some will be absolutely free.However Newly purchased items will attract very high rate of duty.

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Transfer of residence rules for nri

In order to avail TR make sure you are eligible by satisfying these conditions below:

1.You should have stayed abroad for a minimum period of at least 2 years from the date you arrive back here on TR.If the period is less than 2 years, a period of 2 months maybe condoned by the Deputy
Customs Commissioner.

2.In the last 2 years, short visits here in the home country should not have collectively exceeded 180 days or 6 months.In
case of visits that have been in excess of 6 months maybe condoned by the Deputy Customs Commissioner.

3.No one in the family should have in the last 3 years availed TR

4.If the Shipment is done through air, it is required that the shipper arrive here not less than 15 days prior to arrival, and in case of sea shipment, snot less than 30 days prior to arrival. In the
event that If container arrives at customs warehouse before the shipper does then there will be detention and demur-rage charges to be borne by the shipper.

5.All items that are going to be cleared free of duty charges should have been in possession of the shipper or owned by the shipper for at least 1 year prior to TR, and must also be accompanied with purchase bills to support it.

These are the most up to date transfer of residence rules for nri, and if adhered to ensure swift passage through customs.

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