Unfair means or cheating in Engineering exams


Unfair means or cheating in Engineering exams – Im sure there are many who cheat and many who dont,but if you do,or are thinking of doing it,ill give you some Dos and Donts.I admit,that i too am guilty of this,but sometimes engineering exams are so hard,and when you have a huge backlog of KTs,you get desperate.

Please note that i am in no way promoting or endorsing cheating in exams,not only is it morally wrong,but if your get caught there can be dire consequences.So do so at your own risk.

Firstly ill tell you what happened to a good friend who got caught cheating in an engineering exam.He was in RAIT college,Navi Mumbai and it was the second semester exams.Now second semester is an external exam,and the papers are sent outside the college to be corrected,and also the classroom invigilators are from outside colleges,they are not your own college staff.

To add to this,the university moderators and staff come on rounds in all the colleges to see how things are going.These are called as Vigilance staff.They are usually 3-4 people and come to inspect everything.

My friend thought hes too smart.Before the exam,he stood in front of the mirror,opened his shirt and with a ball pen started writing formulas,equations etc on his chest.He did so in front of the mirror so it would be “laterally inverted” and he thought it would be easier to read when he looked down – or something like that.Not sure what his real intention was.

Time of the exam- this idiot with his full chest like a tattoo full of formulas and shirt button open,got caught.

He was taken to the principals office where his mother was summoned.There even the external university officials and vigilance squad were present and he was in BIG trouble.

They told him he was going to lose the year and would have to take admission again in F.E.His mother cried and begged them,and finally they agreed to make his second sem null and void.He would only have to give the second semester theory papers again. 

But he was a brilliant guy,he cleared all the ATKT papers in the next exam ,and saved the year and didn’t get a drop. {This was because there was an eight KT rule that time}

What to do and what not to

The best and safest way to cheat is to copy directly by looking into another partners paper.Dont use chits and small papers.

Dont do the cellphone munnabhai type cheating also – but one guy in my class did that and succeeded.

Best thing is not to have proof on you.In internal semester exams,the punishment is less because its your own college,but its not worth the risk.

 Official Ordinance of university regarding “Unfair means resorted by students”

There is an ordinance number nine of Pune University that states that the student who is caught cheating can be permanently banned from all university exams in future,or for a certain period of time.Either this or his result can be revoked and cancelled.

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