What is a Personal Reference ?

What is a Personal Reference ? – A personal reference just like a professional reference is asked for by the members of a panel conducting the job interview.This happens in the closing stages of a job interview process when you are close to getting the vacant position that you have applied for.You need to provide a list of references, both professional and personal with contact details. Whatever work related claims that you have mentioned on your resume will be double checked for validity and authenticity.

What is a Personal Reference

A Personal reference needs to be added below your primary professional reference.Your professional reference will answer questions related to your previous job and other aspects of your work.The character or personal reference needs to talk about you personality,mainly your character,nature and temperament.Besides having a resume filled with all your technical skills and understanding,it needs to be understood that an office is a social setting,and your behavior and interaction with peers,colleagues and superiors has to be of an acceptable standard.This is the reason your personal reference needs to be a good friend since he will know you better as a person.

Who to select as a Personal Reference ?

Since this person will vouch for you and act as a guarantor on your behalf, it is imperative that he/she must be known to you for a few years.This way they can have a longer and more in-depth history about your life and can give answers to the questions that are posed more fluidly and with greater confidence rather than stammering and stuttering,which can be cause for doubts.

An ideal candidate for this role is someone who knows you well as well has a good job in a good company.A good designation in that company will be an added advantage.This gives some value and credibility to that reference.Other choices could be self employed professionals like a doctor,dentist,lawyer. All of which are well earning respectful professions.

If you are a character reference for a college graduation program or University diploma course admission then rather than going to your former teacher or professor,it maybe better to approach your school counselor  who knows you in and out.As a last option you can approach a teacher with who you share a good rapport with and in whose class you have excelled in.

What your Personal Reference needs to talk about

Besides answering the questions that are being asked by the hiring manager or someone else on the job interview panel,when they call,your personal reference should talk mainly about your impeccable polite exuberance,your courteous ways and great inter personal skills among friends and acquaintances. Your ability to be helpful,reliable,trustworthy and supportive at all times should be fundamental to the conversation.







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