CBSE Private candidate rules

CBSE Private candidate rules – These rules are for regular student who failed in the previous year such as 11th class, women candidates,teachers and physically disabled persons wanting to pursue education after 10th board exams.Before you fill up the CBSE private forms and download the admit card for the examination,please go through these rules and see if you are eligible for the private exam.

CBSE Private candidate rules

CBSE Private candidate rules for Eligibility

Candidate who has failed previously in 12th is eligible to appear for a private exam.A regular candidate who passed 10th board needs to have at least a two year gap between passing the 10th board and appearing for the 12th private exam.In addition to regular student who are eligible for CBSE private examination,teachers who are part of CBSE school,women candidates and physically challenged candidates can also appear.


CBSE Private candidate rules for submission of forms and subjects

Private candidates need to submit the application form and pay the exam fee as prescribed.Private candidates can only choose subjects that are offered at their school in 11th class.Subjects that have practicals cannot be chosen except if those subjects were taken in 11th class like in science stream physics,chemistry,physical education etc.women can take home sciences which has practicals,even though it is a fresh subject and was not taken in 11th class.If you are a 11th fail in your school you can apply as a private candidate and if you are a 10th pass you also can apply but after a gap of 1 year.


CBSE Private candidate rules for Women / female candidates

Women candidates cannot take science subjects as private CBSE exam because there is practicals in that.Only if they had taken science stream in 11th and failed in it,will they be allowed to re appear as private students in those science subjects.Only for home science can they take it as a new subject and give practicals in it.

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