7 Things you learn in Junior College


15 Things you learn in Junior College – Those who just completed class 10 and are going to join class 11 or first year junior college,here is a checklist of things you need to look forward to.

7 Things you learn in Junior College

1.FYJC is more fun and less studies – whether you are arts or science stream – does not matter.Most of the portion in the 11th standard does not form part of the 12th board syllabus,only portions of it are “applied”.You need to reach the magical number of 105 out of 300 as fast as you can and after that take it easy.FYJC is new freedom and you need to enjoy it.

2.SYJC or 12th standard is hardly 3 months long.Mostly after diwali vacation very less students are there attending.Its as if the year gets over in the diwali holidays.The attendance is very low in this year mainly due to students spending more time in coaching classes rather in the college classroom.

3.College festivals are a big part of any junior college students life.It may be your own college festival or of another.Make sure not only to attend them,but to also be part of the organising teams.They are immense fun and you get to meet lots of new people.

4.Some may say this is not the best advice,but bunk lectures and go out!After 12th if you join a professional course it will be difficult to bunk lectures and wont be that much fun also.

5.If you are in science stream then its best to join a coaching class,because the notes in the college class are not upto the mark,and neither you will be able to concentrate there.

6.Another HARD decision for science students who wish to prepare for any entrance exams like IIT JEEĀ  etc is to choose if you want to either study for class 12 board exams or for the entrance exam.Even though the portion is the same for both,the type of questions and method of preparation is totally different.

7.Nowadays , Arts stream has a lot of opportunities,much more than science and more boys should be encouraged to join it.Usually there are 90% girls and 10% boys in any arts classroom and this ratio needs to change.

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