Science vs Arts – Differences and benefits


Science vs Arts  – Differences and benefits – For all students who are in class 10 (going to jc) or just going to give the board exams the first difference you will hear is that Science stream is hard and Arts stream- humanities is easy.

To be fair that’s a VERY broad and generalized comparison.Yes it is true to a certain extent that a science degree is harder because of Maths,physics and grasping of concepts,BUT Arts is equally challenging due to psychology,sociology,history where you need to have a good memory and good english.So which is better?


Science vs Arts – Differences



1. Approx 75% boys opt for it Approx 75% girls opt for it
2. Has Hard subjects like MAths and Physics which are mandatory Maths is optional and can be taken as a 6th subject but very few opt for it
3. Requires coaching classes Coaching classes not necessary
4. Limited career options after class 12 Wider career options after class 12
5. Most popular Careers include Engineering,MBBS,Architecture Wide variety of careers – Media,ADvertising,Marketing etc
6. You can change to Arts after class 12 You cannot change to Science after class 12
7. Can shift to a professional course directly after class 12,no need to do B.Sc Not much options other than Law after class 12,therefore need to complete B.A
8. Chances of failure in Maths Maths is optional


Disadvantages of Science after class 10

there are a few things that you should keep in mind before directly opting for science stream after class 10:

  • The syllabus of class 11 is totally different and disconnected to that of class 12.Only what you study in the 12th will be asked in the board exams and wil have any relevance after 12th.
  • The 11th maths and physics is also hard and to reach 105 marks requires effort.
  • You will have very less time to socialize and have fun because of practicals,homework,assignments and 4 exams in the academic year (2 unit test+2 term end tests).
  • Most people who go for science usually want to either – Do engineering,Medical,Aviation or work on the Ship.These are the 4 main career fields,compared to arts its a very narrow career choice list,


Advantages of science after class 12

  • Taking science stream after 10th is the only way and is mandatory to pursue engineering,medicalor careers in Aviation and Shipping.
  • Also if you want to pursue MBA after graduation,you will have strong mathematical and analytical abilities to crack these entrance exams because of MAths,compared to Arts students who will lack this skill.Thus you will have a strong advantage over students from other streams.


Benefits of taking Arts

  • The biggest advantage of taking arts is that is much more easier to clear the subjects because most of the subjects are subjective in nature,as compared to Science where there are more numbers and objective right/wrong answers.
  • SEcond biggest advantage is that you have a wider range of careers to pursue after you complete your graduation.You can enter media,advertising,law,music,theatre and also lots of technical courses that admit non science students.In the case of science students,they are stuck in just 3-4 career options.
  • This may not seem important to many of you reading this- but,if you take Arts,you will have more time to have fun! Let me tell you that you will never get these colleges years of your life ever again,so its equally important to do everything you’re not supposed to,and break the rules!! In science stream,you also can have fun in class 11,for a few months,but that sit,becuase you need to take extra coaching classes etc.


Is taking science stream worth it?

ACcording to me,nowadays there are so many new new professions that so not require science.Unless you need to take it for medical,Aviation or engineering/architecture then do,else there are 100s of more rewarding careers you can do from Arts or Commerce.The Maths in class 12 deals with Calculus and also Organic Chemistry and Theoretical Physics needs LOTS of practice and hard work.Simply not worth it.

What is better for MBA? –  Arts or Science

As far as MBA entrance exams are concerned,they rely alot on mathematical calculations, logical reasoning and analysis.the maths that is there in the exams is not of  high level,maybe 10th standard,BUT you need to have good mental maths and quick calculations for it.If you are a science student,you will have a greater advantage as compared to arts students who stopped maths in class 10 and suddenly have to learn concepts again for the MBA entrance

Which is better for UPSC IAS ?Arts or Science?

Without a doubt i will tell you that for UPSC preparation it is best to do Arts.If you look at the syllabus of the UPSC which consists of a preliminary and main exam,the major portion of it deals with current events,general knowledge,political knowledge,history etc.These are all arts subjects and accounts for about 70-75% of the syllabus.

Which is better for flying an aircraft?

In order to become a commercial pilot you need to know basics of physics in order to understand concepts, charts,navigation, controls and theory associated with the practical flying program.You can either join a flying school or join the Indian Air Force to become a pilot,both which require a science stream upto class 12.There is also an aircraft maintenance course for which you need PCM subjects at +2 level.As far as ARts stream is concerned,you cannot take it if you want to join aviation courses except for an air hostess job.




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