AIEEE Full form


AIEEE Full form onlineJEE Mains full form – The full form of AIEEE in English is All India Engineering Entrance exam and is no longer used as this name.I will also provide the Hindi full form of this later.

The new name of this examination is JEE Mains.It is conducted by the CBSE and is a national wide exam for candidates who want admission into undergraduate courses in Engineering and architectural institutions in the IITs and NITs.

AIEEE Full form online

Similar to the full form of ATKTĀ  which is also used in engineering terminology for students who have not passed their engineering exam in a particular semester and who have a chance to repeat the exam till they get passing marks.

Since the AIEEE online exam is now merged with the JEE Mains,there is no separate application form for the AIEEE exam and candidates have to visit the main CBSE portal to fill in the application form after clearing the IIT JEE preliminary exams.

AIEEE Full form

AIEEE Full form in Hindi

AIEEE ka full form kya hoga hindi mein? Full form hain – Akhil Bharitya Engineering Pravesh Pariksha

JEE Mains full form

In English JEE is joint entrance examination and in hindi it is translated as “Sanyukt Pravesh Parikhsha”


The main difference between AIEEE and IIT at this point of time is that AIEEE is an examination that is used to get admission into an IIT – Indian Institute of Technology and an NIT – National Institute of Technology.

The JEE Main exam is what is required to pass and get a seat in any of the national colleges.

Difference between AIEEE and IIT are:

1.The question paper structure for IIT exam is based on testing your practical application of formulae and understanding of concepts,whereas AIEEE tests you more on knowledge on a subject and how much theory you know on that particular topic.

2.AIEEE gives you admission into thousands of colleges whereas IIT JEE gets you into select IITs and NITs.

3.You have a better chance at getting a good seat in an A grade college by getting a decent rank in AIEEE,whereas even a good rank in IIT exam will not guarantee you a seat.

4.In order to clear IIT ,you need to study regularly for atleast 1 year prior to the exam in order to expect a rank,whereas in AIEEE,you can even study in the last 2-3 months for 9-12 hours a day ad get through.

5.AIEEE exam is all about speed and you are expected to solve 90 questions in 3 hours which is hard.

Similarity between AIEEE and IIT are:

1.Both exams are conducted by the CBSE board

2.The paper pattern and syllabus are almost the same and have not changed much with time.

3.The syllabus includes PCM subjects – Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.These are the same portion as the 10+2 board syllabus.


AIEEE Cutoffs in the past:

more than 325 1-99
289-325 100- 499
274-290 500- 999
Above 375 Top 50
374-320 51-500
319-300 501-1000

Most of the previous Coaching classes that prepared for AIEEE exam now also coach for the JEE MAIN exam as the syllabus and paper pattern is almost the same for both exams.


Conclusion – Is AIEEE easier or harder than JEE MAIN

After talking to few friends of mine who appeared for the JEE Mains,looking at previous years papers of AIEEE,they say that JEE MAIN is HARDER to crack.This is becauseĀ there are more analytical type questions that come for JEE MAIN,whereas the AIEEE had more straight forward type questions similar to the 12th board questions.

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