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All about CET – What is a CET Examination or common entrance test? Everything you wanted to know about CET in the country can be easily explained in a few paragraphs BUT in order to pass the CET,you will have to study thousands of paragraphs of text books and compete with lacs.i have given many CET exams in my 12th standard.You wont believe it but i gave Medical,Engineering and Hotel Management CETs because i did not know what exactly i wanted to get into after 12th boards.


Why should you appear for a CET?

Often CETs are the threshold bar to grater things.Most of the premier institute use this as a net to separate the cream of the students and allot them seats in the best colleges.

It is an unsaid thing that if you clear your the CET of your respective board/college it is a stepping stone to a bright career.Not only will the education level be fantastic in these colleges affiliated to the CET,but the Campus recruitment also gives you a jump start to a successful career ahead.


1.By giving a CET and successfully clearing it, you have a chance to join the best colleges and universities at both national as well as regional level.

2.Some Big univeristies ONLY give admission through thier own CET like Birla Institute,,

3.Good learning experince for future exams when getting a job as it is very hard and preperation is hard

4.Get preperared for the course as you get  feel of what it is like to study more and hard



1.Too much competition,passing rate is only 1-2% for most competitive exams

2.Too much focus on a CET gives you less time for other smaller exams.

3.Highly stressful and puts too much pressure on young adults often emotionally affecting them when they do not clear the entrance test



There are Common entrance tests for all types of courses like medical,engineering,hotel management,miliatary,teaching etc.These maybe offered by the institution itself or maybe a state wide exam or even a national level CET.Some of the most famous CETs are :

  • NEET – It is the biggest national level medical entrance exam and hundreds of thousands of students give this CET with a small chance of getting into some of the best MBBS government colleges that are affiliated with it.


  • IIT JEE – It is a national level engineering CET and gives you admission into all the IITs and NITs in the country.Extremely low rate of passing makes this one of the hardest to crack.


  • NHMCET – All the Best Hotel Management colleges in the country includes the IHMs are attached to this CET and you need to clear it if you want to get into any of the most prestigious catering colleges.


  • AFCAT – The Air Force Common Admission test is also a nationwide CET for graduate students to get various positions in the Air force.Most of these positions are only for science based graduates bu there are a few management,administration and logistical posts for non science cadre.


  • NDA entrance – This is the premier officers training academy that has its entrance exam through the UPSC civil services examination.It is highly competitive but is the only institute that lets you join the armed forces directly after class 12 as an officer.


  • TS EAMCET – This Telangana Entrance test for engineers is an example of a state level engineering CET.The competition here also is high but lesser due to its opening only for natives of Telangana state.
  • NATA – Architecture – All India Entrance exam to a select few of the most highly regarded Architecture colleges in India.


  • BITSAT– This is an example of Teh Birla Institute of Technology that is one of the best Private Engineering Colleges in India and it has its CET called as BITSAT every year.


  • MHCET LAW – This State Level CET for Law aspirants is conducted by the state of Maharashtra and those who get a good merit score in it stand a chance to get enrolled into some of the best government law colleges as well as private ones affiliated to the board.





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