B.Sc. Mathematics


B.Sc. Mathematics – Bachelor in mathematics is a three years undergraduate program after doing class 12 and has both theoretical as well as applied math in the course curriculum.Many people think that after doing this course there is not much future as the only thing you can do is teach maths after this.This is totally wrong.Did you know the founders of Google were Mathematics PHds ? There is a very fine between data analytics,Big Data and Maths.

It is because of this,that lot of aspect of computer science is incorporated in the syllabus of this B.Sc degree and will eventually help you to get into the IT industry if you choose to do so

What is Big Data and Data Analytics

It is the computation and management of vast amounts of data by natural and machine level processing.Huge search engines and other companies that generate lots of data need for it to be properly arranged and analyzed and individuals who are graduates in mathematics and who also have a background of computer science are preferred for this job.


B.Sc Mathematics Subjects and syllabus

The entire B.Sc course is done after class 12 and will last for 3 years total.There is a system of ATKT in most senior colleges all over India,but it is not difficult to fail and the syllabus is not so hard.There will be an equal share of theoretical mathematics as well as calculus.Theoretical maths and statistics just needs little bit of logical reasoning and can be cleared because there is not much numerical in it.

Remember that in first year Bsc there will be other 2 mire main subject besides mathematics,and it could be computer science,physics,chemistry etc.You need to chose 3.In second year BSC – SYBsc , there will be two main subject including maths. Only in final year will you specialize in Maths only and graduate in it.

I suggest taking computer science as this will give you an advantage in future and you can get into the IT industry easily.

Here are some of the subject you will learn in the 3 years of the course:

Foundation of Mathematics
Basic Statistics Complementary
Computer Fundamentals and
Office Automations Complementary
Fundamentals of Accounting Complementary

Analytic Geometry,
Trigonometry And Matrices Core
Theory Of Random Variables Complementary
Programming With C Language Complementary
Banking And Computerised Accounting
Calculus Core
Probability Distributions Complementary

Web Technology and
Programming Complementary
Advanced Accounting Complementary

Vector Calculus, Theory of
Equations and NumericalMethods

Mathematics for Competitive
Examinations and Soft Skills Core
Statistical Inference Complementary

Networking Complementary

Mathematical Analysis
Differential Equations Core
Abstract Algebra Core

Environmental Studies
Human Rights
Applicable Mathematics Open Course
Real Analysis
Complex Analysis

Discrete Mathematics

Linear Algebra and Metric


Future scope and job – career

One of the biggest opportunities you can get to earn well is in the academics teaching department-

Academics – You be beĀ  a teacher,lecturer,private classes,coaching classes and earn tons of money! Small batches of private students will pay you by the hour because high school maths is one of the most difficult subjects and maximum students fail in maths.There is no limit to how much you can earn if you are in a big metro city,but even Rs.1 lac per month is very possible.

You can also become a lecturer,faculty member,professor,teachers assistant,part time assistant etc. in junior college or a school teacher in middle and high school.You can expect a salary of atleast Rs.30,000 for any of these teaching positions

I.T Industry – As we saw above there is good scope for B.Sc maths graduate student who also has little but of programming knowledge to get a job in the IT sector.Starting salary here will be Rs.25000 a month minimum.

After doing B.Sc Mathematics,you can branch out and go forward in the following areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Company Secretary






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