Best Computer Courses to Get a Job

Best Computer Courses to Get a Job – These are the best computer and IT related jobs right now in the market.These are the most sought after jobs that employers are searching for.I have searched through all the biggest job websites for the highest paying computer jobs and made a list of the top jobs in computers.there are courses available from Arena Multimedia,Jetking,NIIT for all these skills.


1.Computer Vision Engineer

One of the best courses to do in order to ge a job in the Computer and IT industry is the role of a CVE or Computer Vision Engineer.This is the programming,processing and analyzing of digital images and videos.

Some of the skills and job functions are:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Detection
  • AWS APIs
  • Machine Learning
  • Object Detection and tracking


2.Data entry Operator

This is an easy job and does not require any expertise,but still it is one of the most important computer jobs anywhere in the world where is large amounts of data in hard copy form and it needs to be converted into soft copy by typing it into a database.

The only condition to get this type of job is that you need to have a fast typing speed.

You can get this type of data entry for different types of websites or companies that need to update and upload details of customers into the database for future reference.

Besides entering the data,you might also need to verify source data,print,scan copy and prepare reports.

3.Hardware and Networking

This type of job is a broad category for many sub sections like Chip Level Repairing,LAN Configuration and Troubleshooting and Hardware Engineering.After doing a Hardware and Networking course you will have the skills to troubleshoot Linux/Windows and LAN systems and can also get a good job at a technical BPO.

If you specialize in Chip Level Repairing,you can get a job fixing circuit boards,PCBs and motherboards of desktop computers and Laptops.

You can also get a job that configures and assembles computers or even do it as a freelance business.

4.Computer Teacher

If you have done a BCA or B.Sc Computer Science then you have  good chance of getting a job as a computer teacher in  a school or coaching class.The benefit of  teaching job is  a combination of good salary plus lots of paid vacations.

In order for you to opt for this profession, some good schools might ask you to also have  a teaching degree like B.Ed,D.Ed etc

You will be assigned either as  a PGT,PRT or TGT {Post Graduate.Primary.Trained Graduate }

5.E Commerce Executive

One thing to remember about this job is that you will not be working directly for big eCommerce portals such as Flipkart,Amazon,Shopify etc, BUT you will be  working for the companies that SELL their goods on these E commerce websites.

An E Commerce business that does trading of some nature online and not in a traditional brick and mortar store.The business models are similar but there are many aspects to being an E commerce executive and different departments in which you can get a job related to either the following:

  • Order Processing
  • Dispatching of Orders
  • Making of Invoices using TALLY
  • Usage of EXCEL and TALLY for maintaining customer records and Database
  • Managing Online Promotions
  • Catalog and Inventory Management


6.Software Developer—JAVA/SQL

Each and every commercial website uses a web programming language to create call to action functions.

Some of the development languages used today to create software for client companies include:

  • SQL
  • JAVA
  • C ++
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails

Besides writing code,you might also be expected to test the software and maintain frontend and backend functionality

7.Android App Developer

Ever since Android overtook Apple as the preferred operating system for smartphones people have been learning Android Studio to create apps.The process takes time but you can get many freelance assignments from small businesses to create an app.

The alternative way is to first take up a job as an app developer,troubleshooter and tester with a business that already has a working app and customers use this app.

Some of your job responsibilities and skills should be:

  • Good knowledge of Android SDK
  • Skills of debugging,unit testing and troubleshooting
  • Developing of Kotlin/Java Apps
  • Check for software issues
  • Write code and after check for test reviews


8.IT Support Engineers

In IT support,there are two types of jobs you can do.First either you support local problems of internal employees of a company else you give support to remote users maybe in another country via phone support/email support.

The first type of local support is extremely useful and important in every single company that uses a networked computers system.From banks to financial institutions,to education institutions to industrial sector.Each and every office setup that has computers connected to a server needs:

  • Monitoring
  • Upgradation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairing
  • OS Install
  • Hardware /Software Faults and problems
  • Diagnosing and Solving of problems

For example if a single computer that is being used by an employee in an office has some problem,he/she will immediately call up the IT support and ask for someone to come to the particular station and check for faults.

It is an all rounder job and you need lots of fundamental hardware and basic OS/Software expertise to tackle these small problems.

Job opportunities are excellent because all companies have interlinked computer systems nowadays.

REMOTE IT SUPPORT – Many of these are Technical BPOs and you will be on phone support to someone in another country giving them remote assistance with wither a software or hardware problem.The call centers are usually night shift and the salary is good – atleast Rs.26,000 and above.The job is not hard but you need to have basic knowledge in order to troubleshoot the problem.

9.Augmented Reality / VFX / Animation

Nowadays the biggest industry that uses VFX is Hollywood movies.In fact you will be surprised to know that lots of visual effects are done here in India for foreign movies,yes thats true.

There are big bucks if you can master 3D studio software because it is not easy,but once you finish you can expect atleast Rs.25,000 starting salary.

Some of the areas of expertise you need to have:

  • After Effects
  • Nuke
  • Mocha
  • Fusion
  • Silhouette
  • Photoshop
  • Green Matte
  • Matchmove
  • Roto
  • Compositioning

The two biggest industries that will hire you are the production and Educational sectors.You will easily get a job either as a VFX artist hired by a production media company or a coaching class as a teacher to train students how to use the complex 3d software and become VFX artists.


10.Website creation / design/HTML/PHP

Just because apps have taken over the virtual ecommerce space does not mean that websties have become defunct.For every app that is created,there is a web property associated with it.

There are still as many computer users as there are mobile application consumers and for that tehre needs to be access to the same functions.In fact many websites for business applications are created first and then the mobile application is created later on.

Strong knowledge of HTML/JSON/PHP/CSS is essential to land a job as a web developer.

You can also freelance and take up projects on your own.

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