BCA after 12th Science : Eligibility, Career Scope and Details

BCA after 12th Science: Eligibility, Career Scope and Details – Bachelor of computer applications is a three year degree course that has computer programming,networking,operating systems as well as mathematics.It is an excellent career choice and jobs are readily available because of the great demand of IT professionals in all sectors of industry including banking, finance,technology and others.

I,Myself had done B.Sc computer science for 1 year before i decided to quit it and go for engineering instead.

This course that is on par with B.Sc IT and B.Sc Computer science.Many universities say that their curriculum is almost the same as that of Engineering B.E Computers and B.E Information Technology.

The advantage of doing an BCA is that it is much easier than engineering and also it is one year less than the four years of engineering.




Since this is a senior college course,you need to have done your 10+2 or HSC or equivalent state board exam from a recognized university to gain entry into this course.

It is better to apply to the same college from which you did your junior college years as you will have a greater chance of getting admission into BCA.

Subjects and Syllabus for BCA course

The BCA course is a three year bachelors degree course that is offered by most degree colleges in senior year.These three years are divided into 6 semesters of 2 semesters each per year.As you can see from the semester wise syllabus down below,there is lots of mathematics involved so if you are weak in math,then you need to work extra hard or else opt for B.Sc Computer Science.


Computer Fundamental & Office Automation
Programming Principle & Algorithm
Principle of Management
Business Communication
Mathematics –I
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Office
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of
Programming Principle & Algorithm


C Programming
Digital Electronics & Computer Organization
Organization Behavior
Financial Accounting & Management
Mathematics II
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of C


Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Data Structure Using C & C++
Computer Architecture & Assembly Language
Business Economics
Elements of Statistics
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of OOPS
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of DS


Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application
Operating System
Software Engineering
Optimization Techniques
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of
Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application


Semester-V th

Introduction to DBMS
Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage
Computer Network
Numerical Methods
Minor Project
Viva-Voice on Summer Training
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of DBMS
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of
Java Programming & Dynamic Webpage


Computer Network Security
Information System: Analysis Design &
Knowledge Management
Major Project
Presentation/Seminar based on Major Project


Eligibility for BCA course

You need to have completed your 10+2 board exam or HSC state examination from a recognized board of education.It is a  relatively new course and has only been introduced in major universities and private colleges in the last decade.

Future job scope and salary

After doing B.C.A you have a good chance of getting top notch jobs in both the private sector as well as government jobs.It is a very lucrative career and you will be paid well.Expect anywhere from 2 lacs per annum starting salary even for a fresher.

The reason for this is because BCA is part of the IT sector,therefore you will be paid on par with other IT professionals.Salary hikes can be expected after you get a little bit of experience. After working for atleast a year at your first job,you need to jump to another company and demand an increase of 40% in CTC.

Some famous recruiters are:

  • Capgemini
  • Ziphertech
  • NDS Infoserv
  • QuickExpert Infotech
  • Schoolguru Eduserv
  • Allianz
  • Galore Networks
  • CMS Computers

Skills needed to get a job after doing BCA

These are some of the skills you should know because these are required by recruiters who are searching for BCA graduates .

  • My Sql
  • MSSQL Architecture
  • Servers
  • Basic of Java & Linux & Good Communication
  • SME -Knowledge of SQL
  • Scripting, SDLC, STLC
  • Windows Server & Desktop OS Knowledge
  • Network Technologies Tcp/ip


Some of the positions you can be hired for are:

  • System Engineer
  • Data Entry
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Network Architect


Job Scope in foreign countries

IF you do BCA here and then do another small course in a foreign university,you will mint money,trust me.The reason why i say to do a small one year course in the foreign university is for tow reasons:

1.Firstly you will get a work visa directly after completing this course from a foreign university.

2.Secondly you will get a credential from that country itself,which holds alot of value.You Indian degree will also hold good but the foreign one will add more value to it.

You can expect to earn atleast $ 65000 starting salary in a foreign country.Computer professionals are paid very well all over the globe.






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