Aeronautical engineering colleges – Scope and Salary

Aeronautical engineering colleges – Scope and Salary – Just like the future scope of Computer Engineering or Civil Engineering has great potential, everyone of us has at some point used the phrase “its not rocket science” when talking about something that is quite simple, and not as complex and difficult to do as rocket science.Well here […]

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First year engineering semester 1 syllabus

First year engineering semester 1 syllabus – The syllabus for the first year engineering F.E for Mumbai University Bachelors degree course has six main subjects and a practical workshop lab.This is an extremely hard year and being the first semester you need to work extra to clear these main subjects.Watch out for mechanics and Applied Maths […]

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FE Engineering ATKT / KT

FE Engineering ATKT / KT – F.E First year engineering atkt history rules , N kt rules,how to avoid kts,what to do if students get a drop in the first year.Also what is the future of your engineering degree if you get a drop in the first year and how it affects your chances of […]

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M.U F.E Result

F.E Semester 1 and F.E Semester 2 May 2011 Results click here!! M.U F.E Result – All those who have been to engineering colleges in mumbai and  cleared F.E from Mumbai University know it’s the toughest year of all the four.Since 2001 the “new syllabus” tweaked the First year syllabus and brought down the subjects […]

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Best Mumbai Engineering Colleges of 2011

For all those of you who haven’t yet taken admission,here is a comprehensive unbiased list,that has been set by our fellow students from various colleges,not by some readers poll or newspaper reporter who probably didn’t even visit any  of these venues,or who cant even spell engineering. Our own scale and rank of the top 25 mumbai […]

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IS an engineering degree worth it?

IS an engineering degree worth it? – Without stirring up a controversy here,in my personal opinion,id say that the engineering degree is an absolute test  of  your intellect and a sordid waste of your time.If you took that miserable piece of paper and went out for a  job, chances are youll end up at the […]

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