CBSE New Vocational subjects for 10 and 12th Boards


CBSE New Vocational subjects for 10 and 12th Boards – From the new course of 2018-2019 the CBSE boards has introduced new vocational subjects for students in 11th and 9th standards respectively.There are 15 new subjects for the 9th-10th standard and 40 new subjects for the 11-12th standards.


CBSE New Vocational subjects for 10 and 12th Boards


What is the reason for this addition of subjects? – The CBSE has finally realized that there is more scope in the world other than becoming a doctor or engineer.In today’s age people who are working in professions that are related to fashion,music,media,arts courses etc  and they make more money than engineers and doctors.Traditional careers are not so much in demand nowadays compared to these new vocations that



For 9th and 10th class students

1.Vocational subject can be taken as a sixth subject

2.If the student fails in any one of the main three compulsory subjects which are Maths,Science and Social Science then one of those subjects will be replaced by the vocational subject and average total percentage will be calculated on these 5 subjects.




CBSE New Vocational subjects for 10 and 12th Boards


FULL LIST OF VOCATIONAL SUBJECTS for 11th and 12th go here

Subject code and subjects below:

1.801 Retail Sales Associate
2. 802 Information Technology Domestic IT Helpdesk Assistant
3. 803 Web Application Web Developer
4. 804 Automotive Automobile Service Executive
5. 805 Financial Markets Management Equity Dealer/Mutual fund agent
6. 806 Tourism Travel Consultant
7. 807 Beauty & Wellness Beauty Therapist
8. 808 Agriculture Agriculture Extension worker
9. 809 Food Production Trainee Commie
10. 810 Front Office Operations Counter Sales Executive
11. 811 Banking Sales Executive (Banking product)
12. 812 Marketing Marketing Executive
13. 813 Health Care General duty Assistant
14. 814 Insurance Sales Executive (Insurance)
15. 815 X-Ray Technician X Ray Technician
16. 816 Horticulture Floriculturist (protected)
17. 817 Media Animator
18. 818 Geospatial Technology GIS operator
19. 819 Electrical Technology Electrical Equipment Technician
20. 820 Electronic Technology Field Technician
21. 821 Construction Mason
22. 822 Taxation Asstt. Tax consultant/GST Accounts
23. 823 Cost Accounting Jr. Accountant
24. 824 Office Procedures & Practices Executive Asstt.
25. 825 Shorthand (English) Stenographer
26. 826 Shorthand (Hindi) Stenographer
27. 827 Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technician
28. 828 Medical Diagnostics Medical Lab Technician
29. 829 Textile Design Design Assistant (Apparel/ Textile)
30. 830 Design Asstt. Designer
31. 831 Logistics and Supply Chain
Front desk assistant
32. 832 Music Production Production assistant
33. 833 Business Administration Business Executive
34. 834 Food Nutrition & Dietetics Assistant Dieticians
35. 835 Mass Media Studies Production Assistant
36. 836 Library & Information Science Library Assistant
37. 837 Fashion Studies Assistant Fashion Designer
38. 838 Applied Physics
39. 839 Applied Chemistry
40. 840 Applied Mathematics


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