Hair wash with shampoo – Pre and Post wash tips


Hair wash with shampoo – Pre and Post wash tips – All the lovely people reading this might think to themselves, how hard can it be? You just open the packet, pour it over your head and wash it off right? Well, you can do it that way, or you can do it the right way. Its a simple process but it needs to be done step by step if you want the best results for your locks, especially if you have long hair.

hair wash with shampoo

Before you hair wash with shampoo:

1. De -tangle- When your hair is still dry and soft, it will still have tangles and curls. Slowly try and open them up how much you can with a large comb and get as much air you can between the layers.Fluff it up and keep it hanging loose.

2.Start off the luke warm water and wet the longer portions of the hair and work yourself upwards towards the scalp, see that before you apply the shampoo, there is no tangles.

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3.Take a small portion of the shampoo in your palm and mix a small amount of warm water to it, and apply graciously, remember the cardinal rule- from root to tip, in that motion, not the other way around.

4.Next, get a conditioner, and in the same way , get a little warm water into it and then apply it in the same fashion as you did with the shampoo, observing the cardinal rule again. Remember to emphasize more on the longer locks and keep away from the conditioner, as it is a “hair conditioner” and not a “scalp conditioner”.

5.Now reduce the temperature of the water and wash off the residue of the shampoo and conditioner mix.


After you hair wash with shampoo 

1.Now  after you are done with your shower, remember to dry it off appropriately. Let us start off with a gentle dab or pat with your towel. Wet hair is most sensitive and prone to breakage so do this gently.

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2.Next set your blow drier to low level and keeping it at least 8-10 inches away from your scalp. Start at the lower end of the longer tresses and start upwards towards the roots.

3.When your hair has dried up, remember not to immediately tie it up in a fancy hairstyle, instead let it air naturally, this gives a good volume and fluff.

4. Use a fruit based moisturizing oil later on the get a nice shine and is also good for your scalp and hair health overall.




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