How to Choose the Best Resume Format


How to Choose the Best Resume Format – When you format your resume,you often give it a fresh face and make it clear to understand from first glance by adjusting the font,style,spacing.alignment and indentation.According to the best resumes that job applicants have used over the years, the ones that have been most successful in landing them the jobs have been traditional simplified text resumes.Just like in a Reference Letter or an employee Recommendation Letter, your resume is the most important piece of information you need to pass the job interview.

How to Choose the Best Resume Format

These standard formatting tips will allow your resume to be clean,to the point and make your best abilities stand out,and shadow the parts that don’t need too much focus.The idea is to allow the eyes of the job interviewer to directly fall on certain sections of the resume using good placement of sections and text.

Sectioning and Headers Format

These include titles like Education,Hobbies etc.By correctly and strategically highlighting certain headers and section head in the resume, we can aim to draw attention to the main portions of the resume for easy navigation.These section header and titles need to be bigger,bolder and can also be differently colored to set it apart from the sub text.Another color for these title heads can be a dark blue.This is close to the black color of the sub text and is conservative and soft.At the same time it gives a bit of personality to the resume and takes out the monotonous look while still not being a  distraction.

How to Choose the Best Resume Format
Section head colors

Font & Alignment Format

Your typical resume is 100 per cent words and plain text,no visuals,no images.This is why we need to have to choose a font that is both easy to read – most importantly and visually appealing to the reader. Remember that job hiring managers conduct many interviews in a day and read lots of resumes.Keeping the font of a good legible size and pretty looks wise will be easy on the eyes of the reader.He/she should not get irritated by the small text or bad formatting of the resume.

While typing out your resume on a Text Editor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word,keep the font size at 12 points.That is the perfect size  to read clearly without any strain on the eyes.Also it is the mot commonly used font size of all text on web pages nowadays.

For Header and Title sections you can go up to 16 font size.Use Bold for the header titles and normal for sub text.Use the underline formatting option wherever necessary,but keep it mainly for headers and titles, as we don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to sub text unless called for.

How to Choose the Best Resume Format – Layout & Styling

The layout and indentation of the page must be inline and symmetrical. The margins from both sides of the page, left and right must conform equally.Sometimes as an option, the header stands out to the left and the subtext is indented to the right by about half an inch.This gives a unique attribute to the layout and can be used.

Alignment should be to the left of the page always.

Formatting Lists

Below your Header Titles yo can present your text in two formats of lists. Bullet lists or numbered lists.Numbered lists are good if you want to display items in a sequential or chronological manner,whereas bullet list can be used for all types of text content.

Bullet list

Things to remember:

1.Keep the layout clean and simple focusing only on points that matter.

2.Allow sufficient space between two header sections.

3.Main points in the subtext should be on top of the list and easily accessible to read



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