Merchant Navy Courses After 10th / 12th / Graduation

Merchant Navy Courses After 10th / 12th / Graduation – IF you want to join the shipping industry and earn a great salary while travelling around the world,these are some great courses for you.By doing these courses you can join either a cruise ship in the food service department or the merchant navy either as a deck cadet or a marine engineer.

These courses are divided into two sections – PRE SEA and POST SEA.Pre sea courses are for new recruits and post sea are for sailors with ea experience.



1.B.Sc Nautical Science – One of the best pre sea courses you an do directly after 12th science.If you have a decent score in PCM and fulfill other eligibility criteria, then you can easily get into this course.After doing this course,you will be on your way to becoming a deck cadet.

It is offered by maritime institutes in conjunction with state universities. The best part of this course is that you get a B.Sc degree and become a graduate.Even if you do not wish to continue in this line later on,you will still be a graduate and get a job in many other areas.

2.GME – Graduate Marine Engineer – This is a short one year course that you can do if you want to become a marine engineer in a merchant navy vessel.However this course is only for mechanical engineers who have an existing degree – B.E or B.Tech.It is not for undergraduates.

This pre sea course is designed to teach you all about the engine room controls and operations.|After doing this course and getting mandatory sea experience,you can give the exam to become a 4th engineer.


2.Diploma in Nautical science – This is a short one year course that costs approximately about 3.5 lacs for the entire course.You need to have done atleast class 12 in science  with 60% PCM marks.Also physical and mental fitness should be upto standard.

After doing this diploma you can pursue a Bsc in Nautical science or straight away go in for the 18 months of mandatory sea service and join the merchant navy as second mate.

3.Pre sea General purpose rating courses – GP RATING –  course is the short form for this course and it is one of the few courses that allow you to enroll directly after class 10.You need to have good marks in English,science and math and atleast 17.5 years of age.

Even a 40% score in these subjects is good enough to get admission.The fees are approximately 2 lacs for this 6 months course.

4.MArine engineering B.E or BTEch – After doing class 12 science,you can opt for this this Bachelors degree that will teach you to be a Marine engineer and work on any merchant vessel engine room operations.The difference between this and a GME,is that GME is a one year course and is like a crash course after doing mechanical Engineering,whereas this engineering degree is specifically only for the ship and you will get a class 4 competency certificate after you complete the final exams.

5.DME diploma in marine engineering – If you already hold a Diploma in engineering in mechanical or electrical/electronics,you can go in for this 2 years marine engineering diploma that will let you work on a ship as an engineer.After doing this course you will get the class 4 competency certificate and with seat training of 6 months you can get a job in any merchant vessel.

4.BSc Maritime hospitality studies – This is one of the best courses that prepares you for a career in catering and hotel management,but on-board a ship.One of the bet part of this course is that you can use this degree to get a job even onshore in a starred hotel,if you change your mind later on in your life and decide not to be on a ship.

You will be trained for positions of chef de partie,from where you can rise upto sous chef and executive chef.You can also be in the management side of this rather than in the kitchen.Here you will start as a captain { order taker} and rise upto F & B manager.

Good part of this degree is that it is a graduation degree and a recognized B.Sc certification tht you will get.


5.BA in culinary arts – Similar to B.Sc Maritime studies,this is course is for students who took arts in class 12 and want to be part of a ships galley.You will have the same career path as the B.Sc students and either choose to be behind the scenes cooking or in the management area of F& B.In this 3 years course you will learn both aspects of the industry and can rise up the ranks in whichever area you choose.



1.Basic STCW – Standard of Training and Certification of Watch-keeping is an important course that every sailor must obtain and in some cases is mandatory to have.It will teach to life saving survival techniques  in first aid,fire prevention,security training,cargo operations for oil ad chemical tankers.

All these modules can be learnt either as a bulk course or separately for 3 days each.

2.Advanced STCW – The advanced TCW course teaches you more survival operations after you have completed the basic STCW course.In this course,the modules include Rescue boat operations,Medical care,Radar Observers course,advanced fire fighting.

3.MEO Class 4 preparatory course – This is a training course intended for candidates who have already passed MEO class 4 part A.It is a short 16 weeks course that prepares you for the exam and in order to attend this course,you need to have atleast 6 months of sea experience and 4 months or propelling experience.

4.MEO class 2 preparatory course – This short 16 weeks course in for marine engineers who have passed MEO class 4 part B exam and will train you to get a MEO class 2 certificate.You need 12 months sea experience and eight months propelling time to be eligible for this course.

5.Chemical tanker cargo operations – Also known as the TASCO course,this 11 day course is for sailors who already have atleast 6 months of sea experience.IT will teach you all the important functions and operations of working on an oil taker such as offloading procedures and is useful if you plan on getting commission on an oil tanker


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