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Online Shopping in India – In 1998 we got the first taste of online shopping in India with the advent of rediff.It was one of the biggest and the earliest entrants into online retail and still is one of  the top ten most visited sites in India .At that time it was still  a far strech away from the biggest online superstore AMAZON, but it gave us the first look at a brave new world. Today, a Google search gives you more than 200 results for online shopping in India.Many fly by night operators have joined into the fray and source goods directly from importers.We have reached a stage where online shopping is big business, and a new shopping portal is setup every other day, however probable customers  are still weary when shopping online.Alot of negative buzz about defective and sub standard goods bought online are still keeping millions of prospective customers skeptical.Here we will list a few online shopping web portals that are highly recommended based on their quality, price and assurance.They all have been around for a few years and we have verified by purchasing from them on regular intervals.The new age of shopping is where u click a button and your shopping bag is at your doorstep. Give it a shot if you already haven’t.


Nobody can miss the “no kiddin” themed adverts on tv aired during primetime.With a huge marketing and pr budget, flipkart is one of the india’s leading online shopping stores. Started out as a modest online bookstore, it has hence diversified into gadgets and other products,but it still continues to have the largest and most diverse collection of book titles. Highly recommended for any avid book connoisseur.

online shopping in india


Based in North India,Napptol is one of the leading online shopping stores for technology based products.What to look out in particular are their Chinese import goods,especially rock bottom rates on Tablets and Mobile Phones. According to us,Naaptol is the only place that has such a wide range of Chinese tablets and Chinese branded mp3 players,computer accessories and smartphones.


What happens when the biggest news site in the country decides to add a “shopping” sub domain?We get the biggest Shopping store in the country. It is by far the most reliable and because its been around since over a decade.Easily integrating daily adverts into its print media edition with special discounts,and freebies,the temptation is just too hard to resist.Indiatimes shopping has the power to put any real world technology and gadget store to shame.

online shopping in india

A huge player in the online fashion business, originally started out selling shoes as their main product. However off late has branched out into other fashion accessories too.Look out for special deals and discounts on their footwear range that you cannot avail in real life shoe stores.

online shopping in india


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