Recommendation Letter for a Promotion sample


Recommendation Letter for a Promotion – This type of recommendation letter is used by a person of authority to alleviate an employee for a promotion in designation by endorsing them to a higher authority.For example a manager of a certain department can write a Recommendation Letter for a Promotion to the head of the department.

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion

In most cases this type of recommendation letter is written intra company or from an employee of managerial status to a Board member or CEO of the company.

The letter must mention a few reasons why the promotion is earned,what are the factors behind it and how is the performance and past history of the employee ion the company and why does he/she warrant that promotion.

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion writing tips

Just as a Professional reference letter would be written to refer an office colleague or employee for another job position.This letter also is a reference letter that will change the jobs and duties of the person whom it recommends.

When the promotion goes through and the newly promoted person will have a different set of responsibilities and will probably be in charge of a larger team or a bigger set of projects.This is akin to getting a new position ,therefore,the recommendation letter should be framed in a similar way that you would when a manager refers an employee for a new job.

Atleast one specific instance of superior management capability or leadership quality has to be mentioned. This gives a cue to the to whoever reads it that the person being recommend is ready for a senior role in the company and has reached a point is his/her career  where they can delegate tasks to people working below them.

Growth in the company signifies two aspects- It focuses on how long the person has been in the company,and how much he/she has learnt new technical skills.This makes it clear that the employee is a deserving candidate for the raise.

Add a little Focus also to the professional relationship you share with the recomendee and how long you have known him,/her, his performance and progress whilst working under you and his growth from a novice to am expert in the field.This short personal journey that you have witnessed yourself is evidence enough to warranty his/her promotion.

What to avoid in your Recommendation Letter

There are been cases where superiors and senior staff have used their position to grant favors and be partial towards certain employees.To avoid this, do not overdo the praise,stick to the facts briefly and phrase your compliment in the same paragraph along with a good example.This makes it seem genuine and not pretentious.

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion Sample Hard Copy

Marlene Wallace,

Marketing Manager,

Healthline Products


Richard Ashcroft,

Division Head,

Marketing and Distribution,

Healthline Products

Dear Mr.Ashcroft,

I am writing to you to recommend Ashley Thompson for a promotion to the position Assistant Marketing Manager in our product marketing department. Ashley has been working under me for the past two years and has been a boon to our team.

She has been instrumental in strategy,implementation,planning and execution of the Codocin pill marketing campaign. She has contributed immensely to its success and sales.

Not only is she a great innovator of new marketing ideas but is also an extremely supportive and thoughtful individual.She and me have worked long hours after work and i have gotten to know her on a personal level as well.She is a great inspiration to the entire team and a good mentor for the junior staff to look upto.

I am hoping this brief account of Ashley’s capabilities will be proof of her dedication to this company and you will further endorse her for the promotion.

If you need anymore data on the Codocin campaign please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Thanking you


Marlene  Wallace





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