Employment Reference Letter Written by a Manager


Employment Reference Letter Written by a Manager – As a manager you will need to write a professional recommendation or a personal reference depending on the employees needs. There are various ways to write the employment reference letter and it needs to be framed and addressed in a correct sequence.Whether you chose to accept to endorse a particular employee for a  job post or wish to decline to recommend him/her will be at your discretion.

Employment Reference Letter Written by a Manager

The important things that need to be talked about in the reference letter are the professional expertise that the applicant has ,his/her experience in the industry, skills/knowledge about the particular post that is being applied for.From a personal level,you will have to write a small paragraph on the persons character and personal qualities.How he/she is a s a person and how they interact with others in the workplace.What their personality is like, and how they follow orders and delegate responsibility in the office.


This Employment Reference Letter Written by a Manager or supervisor needs to be brief but must include all the positive qualities of the individual including work culture and ethics.These points should stand out and showcase the employee in a good light.By reading the jist of the letter the recipient must immediately get the impression that this is a positive recommendation and seems genuine.

Employment Reference Letter writing tips:

1.Start with  a semi formal salution.”Dear…” is the best to go with.

2.Talk in brief about the persons impeccable track record at the job he/she was designated with in the former company.List acheivments, awards if any and proeffessional progress during the duratiopn at which he/she was working under you.

3.A small passage about the personal characteristics of the individual that is being recommended. How does he/she interact with others in the office and how is the relationship with clients.How is the professional behavior with superiors in the office and with peers.

4.End with a short closing note thanking them once again and re iterate the recommendation in a few words.

Sample Employment Reference Letter Written by a Manager


Dave Mathews

Farfax Kitchen Industries

Abbey Lane,Santa Clara

Subject : Recommendation for Ralph Washington Jr.

Dear Dave,

I am writing to you with reference to Ralph’s appointment with your company.I wish to recommend him for the post of Equipment Sales Team Lead at your company. I have known Ralph for the past two years and he has worked in my sales division rising from a junior salesman to head of sales.

His growth in past two years has been nothing short of spectacular and the sales skills that he learnt has brought in tremendous volumes of business.He has worked in the retail sales team of the planetary mixer section of Bakery equipment,and has personally been responsible for a combined sales of $240,000 in this division.As much i hate to see him leave us, i am sure he will find a brighter future in your company.

On a personal level i have come to know Ralph very well.He is an excellent employee to have on the workforce and motivates the entire team with his strong understanding of the products on offer and his witty charm.He is  a noble and trustworthy individual and has also has become a good friend.

I am hoping this recommendation will prove to be a positive step towards securing Ralph the position he is applying for.

For any more details on the job profile or for a more in depth character letter,you can always mail or call me anytime.

Thanking you,

Joe Davis.

Sales Manager,

The Bakery Bowl.




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