Tips to Prepare and score high marks in 10th & 12th Board Exam


Tips to Prepare and score high marks in 10th & 12th Board Exam – There is too much pressure on us nowadays to score good marks in our 10th and 12th board exam.No matter if we try to clear HSC SSC CBSE or ISC the steps to score the highest marks remains the same.This magic blueprint can take you that extra step.

Before you read anymore,let me tell you that my brother,sister and mother are all teachers, so i have learnt a lot from them and wish to share these tips with you.

Tips to Prepare and score high marks in 10th & 12th Board Exam

How we prepare for these exams will determine how many marks we can score.

I want to first admit that until the 10th boards,i wasn’t a bright student,i never scored well in school and i HATED Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in school.I use to score single digit marks in these subjects,but today i am an electrical engineer from Mumbai University,which let me tell you is EXTREMELY tough to complete,yet i did and in the process maths and science are my favorite subjects now.

These board exams are very different from passing engineering exams because board exams require a gradual buildup whereas the engineering exams or other professional exams are prepared in a shorter duration.

If you follow these points just the way i did,you too can do well at your board exams the same way i did.

Tips to Prepare and score high marks in 10th & 12th Board Exam

Step 1.Start Group classes or coaching early

Many coaching classes and group tuition start the board examination preparation atleast 1 year prior to the start the exam.Now you will think what is the difference between college/school classes and coaching classes.The answer,not much difference except for some better notes and an A.C Classroom provided in the coaching class.BUT the reason why these classes a re important is because they give yo a god head start and introduces you to the entire plan of the syllabus early and gives you access  to notes immediately,even if you do not start studying fro those notes,atleast this ives you an idea of syllabus and portion and starts getting you into the mood of the board exam preparation.

Step 2.Scanning and reading

This is the first step i take whenever i get new notes or text books.I keep the syllabus in front  of me and the new text book and check what is relevent and which has been cancelled from the portion.Every year there are certain small sections that are removed.I scan fast through the entire book and also mark with a pencil with a tick mark those things that are important and needs to be done.If i feel something is too hard to understadn right now,i put a cross,and i wither keep that for ater or never touch it at all.This is a risk i take and i make sure the things im skipping is not very important and has not been asked in previous papers,it would be foolish to gamble at the board level exam.


Step 3.Breakfast

You may think im stupid to include this here,but trust me on this,dont touch your book in the morning before you have had a healthy breakfast to eat.The reason for this is that you get lots of energy to study for the next few hours,and if you dont do this you feel lazy fast and lose interest and finally afer 2 hours youll throw the book on the side ad start doing something else.This not only pertains to the study time,but more iportantly for the day of the exam,remmber you will be writing atleast 20 pages full of answers,for that you need a heavy meal for energy ad this also helps you miantain your level of concentration and gives you that extra boost.


Step 4.All night group study

Me and my friends used to do this alot.We used to make a full night study plan but always fell asleep half way,still there were lots of good outcomes and advantages to those few hours together.The main objective of this was to clear each others doubts and questions.Also when you study with other friends you learn many more things,many more important questions,what to study more,clearing doubts,how to solve a particular problem,help you by explaining a certain part that you dont understand and exchange of ideas.This group effort is always beneficial to everyone in the group.My father always says –  two minds are better than one.


Step 5.Avoid Ratta – Let me be clear about this,Ratta is VERY important for subjective papers,but it should never be tried for subjects where concepts are required for understanding.If you try and learn by heart concepts,then you will never be able to score more than 80-85% ,if this score is enough for you then fine,but if you want to cross 90% then the concepts have to be understood and implemented.

Step 6.One on One tuition – If you can afford this,then it is GOLD.One on one private tuition are really expensive,but if a good experienced tutor can come to your house and teach you for the core subjects,believe me there is no better solution,and you can easily add another 5-7% to your overall percentage total.I had the good luck of some of my school teachers giving me tuition and some outside tutors for physics and Mathematics.It made a huge difference and till today i remember and respect my tutors because their undivided attention and dedication that they gave me and taught me small details was priceless.

Step 7- Timetable – In the one year you have between you started coaching classes – assuming you started your portion in the month of may-june till the examination of march month,you need to divide the time efficiently and progress with the syllabus and portion accordingly.If possible,you need to finish your portion by the december month holidays completely,after that your revision and solved papers starts.In the months of January and February you only need to solve papers and things that are “volatile” meaning things like organic chemistry and derivations in Physics that get forgotten easily need to be brushed up every week,else you will get ,mixed up and confused with it and on the day of the paper you’ll forget everything completely.

Step 8 – Sample papers – This has to be attempted after the entire portion has been completed. – I used to practice “21 sets” series of books that had sample question papers for maths and other subjects.Mostly maths used to be my favorite and  i used to try to do at least 2 sample question papers in a day.After i had finished i would check the results from te back of the book and grade myself,I always scored more than 90% in those mock papers.The way this helps is that firstly it gives you exactly the pattern and marking system so that you get used to this and secondly it gives you confidence{when you score well in the sample test} which is VERY important in board exams.If you have this level of confidence,half your battle is won.

Step 9- Previous years papers – In the last phase of your study portion,after you have finished all the preparation and have some confidence you can start attempting the old question papers to gain confidence as well as to test yourself.These question papers need to be solved for objective papers like maths and science subjects and you can easily attempt 2 per day. Initially you will score less,but later you can score above 90% in these papers,then you know you are ready.

Step – 10.Set limits – The last important thing is to remember not to over-study,the limit that i set for myself daily was 8 hours max,that too a break every 1.5- 2 hours.For me i never liked to study at night.Many people say that it is nice and peaceful quiet at night,but i suggest study in the daytime because our clock is not used to being awake at night,and as a result you will not be able to concentrate well enough at night.

How to write answers for maximum scoring marks

There are two types of questions in all papers that i faced.Subjective and Objective.As you all know,the subjective long answer type questions need to written fast and of good length.

1.The main important points have to be right at the top at the beginning of the paragraph.

2.In subjective type answers,if the marks allotted is of 5 marks then write 25 line (5 times).Use this formula.

3.Use examples,descriptions and drawings wherever you can,In subjects like Biology,Botany,Zoology these are helpful and will give you an extra few marks.

4.Write fast but keep it very neat and clean with large handwriting, else if you write small and illegible the paper checker gets angry and will not give you full marks even if the content is perfect.

How to score extra marks in Practical Board examinations

For practical at CBSE level or any other state board there are chances that the external examiner will ask you questions also while you are performing the experiment.Even if you do not know the answer,make it a point to answer something related to the experiment.If you are not getting the correct result in the experiment then perform the steps that you know and stop.The more steps you perform the better,even if the result is not correct.One thing to remember is that external and internal teachers who is your subject teacher both have about 10 marks each to award you,even if the external does not give you a good grade,your internal surely will.

How to manage stress and keep calm for maximum marks

Lastly i want to tell you is to manage your stress and tension.I know its easy to say that,but the more papers you solve,the less nervous you will be.Remember that the only reason you will get nervous is because you are not prepared well enough and not confident of yourself.

What if you fare badly in the board exam?

If you think you will not do well then remember that there is always a second chance.This is not the only time you can give the exam,you can give improvement exams nowadays and increase your score.If your parents are upset,you have to be strong (but respectful)in front of them, and explain that you will do better in the re exam.By losing 6 months or 1 year of your life at age 15 will not make any difference to your career.If you came to know how many years of my life i wasted, you will faint!

Your Success in life is not determined by an exam result, remember this.You can sell vada pao and still become a millionaire.

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