Advantages of being a CBSE private candidate


Advantages of being a CBSE private candidate– Since the last decade,the CBSE board is offering students a chance to give the CBSE board examinations without attending regular school or college.This is applicable for both CBSE 10th board as well as CBSE 12th boards.

Many students have the wrong impression that the CBSE private exams haveĀ  lower value,but i will show you many reasons why this can be highly advantageous in many ways


Advantages of being a CBSE private candidate

Here are 8 main points i could think of :

1.Central Board – CBSE is a central board compared to SSC,HSC etc that are state level board education exams.The central board has more value as it is slightly harder and is also more prestigous.In fact some colleges give an extra 5 % to those students that have passed out from a central board.

2.Convenience of home – the best part of a CBSE private student,is that they have the freedom to study at home and only go to the exam centre at the time of giving the exams.They can use this extra time to prepare more thoroughly as well as some might want to even do a part time course or job.You can choose study times and have the entire day to plan out your schedule.

3.No practicals,projects,assignments – In school for the normal CBSE boards,you would have to give practical exams also as well as write numerous assignments as well as projects.For private candidates,all you need to give is the theory subjects.This increases your chances of scoring well and pushing up your final percentage.

4.Choose your own subjects – You have the choice to choose your own subjects which you like and leave out subjects that you find hard.This in turn will again give you an advantage to score higher.

5.Best for girls – This CBSE private exams was primarily started for girls so that many could be educated till their 12th boards atleast.In India we have many females who are not given the chance to pursue a higher education for various reasons.This is a great initiative by the government to give females who have missed out on the chance to complete their education.

6.Equivalent value of regular CBSE – Many think that the Private candidates get a certificate that is of lesser value while getting a job.This is total misconception,as it the same board- CBSE.It is not another inferior degree and holds the same value in every sense as a normal CBSE marksheet.

7.No need for patrachar – Patrachar is a night school under the private CBSE candidate label,but is open to boys also.The difference is that the patrachar is like regular school and you have to attend classes,whereas there is no need for female students who appear as private candidates to goto patrachar.

8.No pre boards or tests – The scary pre board exams that happen 2 months prior to the main CBSE boards as well as unit tests throughout the year,put added pressure on the students for no reason.The private candidates do not face this dilemma and can nicely concentrate on only theory subjects.

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