B.Sc. IT (Information Technology): Career Scope & Details


B.Sc. IT (Information Technology): Career Scope & Details – Bachelor of science in Information Technology is a three year degree course after class 12 which only needs eligibility of 12th pass to get admission into.Many students get confused with B.Sc I.T and B.Sc Computer Science and cannot decide which one to choose.

I have done a year of B.Sc Computers and it involves alot of programming especially C language in the first year. Comparatively B.Sc I.T involves more of information retention,exchange,storage and execution.How well we store data is managed as information in a system is the work you will be handling after you complete your B.Sc I.T course.

B.Sc I.T vs Engineering

Both B.Sc I.T and B.Sc Computer Science has a similar syllabus to Computer Engineering as well as Information Technology Engineering.

Infact in America and other western countries,there is no such thing as Computer/I.T Engineering, as it is not considered an engineering course.It is a science course for which you get a Diploma/Degree.

Coming back to Engineering in India,it is 4 year course which is hard and also has other subjects like Communication engineering ,Electronics,Analog digital circuits etc which are extremely tough and not at all related to computers/IT at all.These make engineering way harder than B.Sc and not to mention engineering is one year longer than B.Sc

Courses after B.Sc I.T.

Even if you are not content with just your graduation degree of B.Sc IT,you can enroll for M.C.A which is Masters of computer application and this will give you an extra boost to your payscale as well as broaden your horizon and give you more job options.

Other options are an M.B.A or M.Sc in Computer Sciences.

Why should you choose B.Sc. I.T ?

Each and every company that has a database of clients and products needs an information technology operator to take care of managing the system to ensure smooth information transition between clients,servers and systems.

You can expect employment in all sectors of business like banking,financial institutions,technology startups,BPOs and much more.

Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Internet security
  • Management Informational systems
  • Ecommerce applications


About the Course , Syllabus and Subjects

In most universities and colleges in India,it is a 3 year course with each divided into two semesters to give a total of 6 semesters.There will be theory papers as well as computer programming in a lab for practicals.

These are some of the subjects fr B.Sc I.T

Semester I

Imperative Programming
Digital Electronics
Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Communication Skills

Semester III

Logic and Discrete Mathematics
Computer Graphics
Advanced SQL
Object Oriented Programming with C++
Modern Operating Systems

Semester II

Object Oriented Programming
Microprocessor Architecture
Web Programming
Numerical and Statistical Methods
Green Computing

Semester IV

Software Engineering
Java and Data Structures
Quantitative Techniques
Embedded Systems

Semester V

Compulsory Subjects
Internet Security
Visual Basics 6
Elective I
Embedded Systems & Programming
Web Design & Internet Based Application
Advanced Java
Elective II
ERP Systems
Management Information Systems

Semester VI

Compulsory Subjects
Internet Technologies
Elective III
Strategic IT Management
Total supply chain management
Project Management
IT Laws & patents


FEES and Eligibility

Since it is a senior college course,you need to have completed your 10+2 or state board exam like HSC or CBSE from a recognized college/university.Most colleges give you admission if you have above 60% in your class 12th overall percentage.However this cut off can reduce depending on the demand for the seats and the demand capacity.

Average Fee structure yearly

Most colleges charge about Rs.25,000-35,000 per year for B.Sc I.T for each of the three years of F.Y B.Sc , S.Y.B.Sc and T.Y.B.Sc.


Job , Future Scope and Career

B.Sc. IT (Information Technology): Career Scope & Details

In the last decade,I.T professionals are highly paid and are hired in all sectors of industry.Some of the famous recruiters are:

  • TCS
  • Quickexpert Infotech
  • Patni Computers
  • Accenture
  • Ziphertech
  • Datamatics
  • CPM India
  • Net Tech
  • Alpha Overseas
  • Jupiter Infomedia
  • Indian Airlines

B.Sc. IT (Information Technology): Career Scope & Details

Some of the positions you could be hired for are:

  • Web designer
  • Software Design
  • Data Entry
  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • Business development


Some additional skills you need to get hired

  • vb.net
  • asp.net
  • SQL
  • .net framework
  • html / php
  • ajax
  • application developer
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript



B.Sc I.T just like B.Sc Computers is not at all hard to clear and you can do it easily without any ATKTs in three years flat.the scope is enormous and you will find employment in many companies as the demand for a IT professionals has skyrocketed ever since the internet boom of 1999.

Not only that,being an IT professional,you will be heavily paid,because it is highly specialized stream.

We are now living in the digital age and this is the best job you can ask for on the planet!










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