Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) – This diploma that is meant for candidates who want to teach pre primary and nursery level children.It may seem like a surprise that you need a qualification to teach such small kids,but teaching lower education grades can be more of challenge and regular conventional teaching methods will not work because of the age.

Many kindergartens,nurseries and Montessori that employee teachers in their play schools will insist on a teaching degree.

Other pre primary degrees like NTT are:

Corporate play schools that have got into this business ask for a verified teaching degree or diploma in order to get a job.

In order to do this NTT course,you have to have done your class 12 from any recognized college or university.Before you take up this course make sure that you have these 2 attributes – 1.You love teaching and 2.You love kids.If you do not have even one of these qualities,then i suggest you do not go ahead with the program,because you will not excel in it.

Some of the important things you will learn in this course are methods of teaching,Child care and first aid,Child behavior and psychology.

About the course

This NTT course will have a duration of 1 year and at the end of successfully completing it,you will receive your NTT Diploma certificate.This is very useful because after this you can also go forward and do a PTT which is a Primary Teaching Course.

It is a one year long course and has been divided into two semesters of six months each.In these two semesters you will be acquainted with all the latest teaching techniques that have been devised to give a pre primary education to toddlers.

List of Subjects for NTT course

1 Foundation course in Hindi
2 Foundation Course in English
3 Foundation Course in Information Technology
4 Foundation Course in Entrepreneurship & Management
5 Child Development
6 Health and Physical Education
7 Teaching of Hindi
8 Teaching of Environmental Studies
9 Educational Technology
10 Philosophical Perspectives of Education
11 Study through ICT technology
12 Performing Art (Practical)
13 Visual Arts and Craft Work (Practical)

Second Year

1 Foundation Course in Science And Life
2 Foundation Course In Indian History And Culture
3 Foundation Course in Indian Literature
4 Governance And Citizenship
5 School Organization and Administration
6 Methods of Teaching
7 Educational Evaluation
8 Teaching of English
9 Programme Planning For Primary Classes
10 Teaching of Mathematics
11 Population Education
12 Study through ICT Technology
13 Communication Skills (Practical)
14 Creative Art (Practical)
15 Visual Arts and Craft Work (Practical)
16 School Experience Programme

Eligibility,Admission and FEES of NTT Course

If you have done you class 12 from a reputed and recognized institute in any stream,you are qualified to apply for a seat in any private or government college that offers it.Admission will either be done on merit basis or first cum first serve basis,depending on the institute.

This course is divided into 2 semesters and the fees for each semester is approximately Rs.20000 per semester.



After doing this NTT course,you will be fully trained to teach to toddlers and pre primary sections of schools.These also include day care centers,Montessori’s,Nurseries and kindergarten classes in schools.

Since this is a specialized job,you will earn at least Rs.20,000 a month,however if you work as a teachers assistant,helper or teachers aid then you will be paid lesser,in the range of Rs 15,000 a month.

After doing this course you will also be qualified to take admission into PTT course which is a Primary Teaching course.With this diploma you can teach in junior school and primary classes.

Since these courses are very short term duration,you an easily climb up the career chain very fast and get a good salary within 4-5 years,especially after all the corporates have entered this space.






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