Disadvantages of CBSE private candidate


Disadvantages of CBSE private candidate – In the previous article we had highlighted the main advantages of doing your CBSE 10th or 12th boards as a private candidate.Now we can discuss the drawbacks and disadvantages of the same.Although the good outweigh the bad,there still are a few small disadvantages to doing CBSE as a private student.


Disadvantages of CBSE private candidate

1.No practicals – This may seem like a good thing also,because avoiding practicals means lesser exam preparation and more time to concentrate on the theory subjects,however you may forget that the practicals are a very good chance to score well.Most practicals are highly scoring as they are in the hands of the internal school teachers for grading.Also with full practical marks,of maybe 20-25 out of 100,it gives you a good chance to get a high score in that particular subject.

2.No guidance from school – One big disadvantage of studying from home is the lack of guidance you get from teachers.In school you can goto any professor or teacher if you have a difficulty in a subject or are stuck with a problem but at home you have to rely on notes and ask other friends for help if you are not taking any coaching classes.

3.No group study with school friends – sure some might say that you cannot study with friends around,but i beg to differ.Some group study sessions lets you compare notes,resolve problems together and help each other out.If you are doing CBSE private,chances are that you will be studying alone and wont have any group study.

4.No access to school library – The school library is a fountain of knowledge as it has all the previous years papers,current text books as well as notes that are directly aimed at study references of the CBSE board.This will be a disadvantage for a CBSE private candidate.

5. Documentation – schools makes cbse examination forms easier for students to fill up and submit.In fact your school will do all the needful as far as documentation is concerned,all you would need to do is sign.BUT CBSE private students have to run themselves for application forms, fees etc.

6.No pre board examination – The pre boards that happen few months before the actual CBSE boards is a good way to gauge your level of exam preparedness if you are in a school.Private candidates do not have this privilege and will find it harder to get ready for the papers in time.Sometimes fear in the form of these pre exams and tests are essential as they motivate you to study more and get ready faster.Sitting at home you will get more complacent.



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