Effect of backlogs in engineering


Effect of backlogs in engineering – When we fail in many subjects in our engineering degree course these atkts can collect and become a backlog. Having a backlog of atkts is difficult to clear and can have negative effects. This is because engineering is a technical course with lots of applied maths and physics, unlike other degree courses that are much easier to clear.

Effect of backlogs in engineering

Effects on future semesters

The first effect that a backlog can have on your engineering studies is on the next semester and following semesters of the next year. This is the immediate repercussion and is the most difficult to overcome. If you have 2 atkts in semester 3 and 2 atkts in semester 4 these will be your backlog when you get admission into semester 5.You will now also have fresh subjects of semester 5 to pass.So in total you will have the burden of at least 10 subjects. Even if you clear few of these, after few months when 6th semester starts you will now again have at least 10 or more total subjects.

In this way,you are trapped and all future semesters will also get compromised. You will not be able to come out of this trap and all semesters will have atkts in them because of the backlog.

Effects on higher education

After you complete your engineering degree course and if you want to go for higher studies like a masters course there are two problems. One – because of your backlog record, you wont be qualified to get admission into some universities and also due to backlog if you have got a drop you would have lost a year or two. This has a negative impact on your future education and you will not get admission into an A grade college.

Even if you want to goto a foreign location for your further studies and they see you had a backlog they might not give you admission.

Effects on career & job

Many corporates have entrance tests before you can qualify for their job post.In many cases they ask for either all clear engineering record or maximum 6 atkts.Many government jobs posts and state government public limited companies do not hire engineers who had lots of atkt and backlog subjects.


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