Reference Letter for laid off employee


Reference Letter for laid off employee sample – It is unfortunate that sometimes due to no fault of your own you are laid off by the company you are working at.You wont be the only one and there will be dozens that are laid off all at once.This is usually the case when a company has lost alot of it funding  in its initial stages of growth or has run out of business due to external factors and needs to cut down expenses by trimming the work force.

Reference Letter for laid off employee

This type of Reference Letter for laid off employee needs to show empathy and support.Most of all before anything else, it has to emphasize that in no way was the employee fired from the job or terminated for any reason and the lay off was purely a company strategy policy that affected other workers as well.

A senior manager or Human resource executive in the company normally will not hesitate to write a reference letter for a laid off employee and it would seem part of their duty to put in a good word.It sometimes happens that without prior notice,employees that are still on short term contracts or probation can be laid off.In this case,the senior staff or manager are not bound by rules or obligation to write a reference letter,but still do so to people they close to.There maybe some who will be opposed to write a reference for you,that is fine you can simply ask another senior manager,because that is better than earning a bad reference from someone.

What points to include in the Reference Letter for laid off employee

In order for the reference letter to be formatted well and contain all the relevant points, its important to note some of them down sequentially first.You can then forward these points to the person who is writing the reference letter to include .

1.Stress must be laid firstly that you were not fired or terminated from the job contract due to your performance and were laid off due to other unfortunate circumstances.

2.This lay off needs to be further spoken about,but not in detail- the reason for it and how many people it affected.

3.What your work profile was while in the company,how well you performed at your job and what tasks and responsibilities you were requisitioned with.

4.Some of your brief triumphs,successes and completed projects, if any in the company.

5.Your personal work history with the employee you are writing about.What was the professional relationship you shared and how long have you known him/her.

6.Talk a little about the persons character and personality and how well he/she interacts with others in the office.How are the interpersonal skills with peers and senior staff members.

7.Lastly how good an employee is he/she overall and is a deserving candidate for the job position.

Reference Letter for laid off employee Sample

To Whomsoever it may concern,

I am writing to you with respect to Roger Hammond’s performance and exceptional skill set related to the Canned Food and Beverage Industry.He has been working under me here at Softico Beverages, Inc. since the past fourteen months and has been an invaluable asset to my division. Unfortunately  due to our companies recent downsizing efforts,Roger had to be laid off.It will be a loss for my marketing team to lose his expertise and knowledge.

Roger was instrumental in the Softico Green Apple media marketing campaign last summer and to proved to be a huge success.Due to his diligent efforts and tireless work ethics we have pushed ahead in the market in the fizzy drinks segment.His knowledge on products and technical knowledge related to beverage data are immense.

Besides his professional acumen on the subject,he is great friend to everyone in the office and never hesitates to help anyone or listen to anyone with a problem.

I recommend him and wish him the best in his career for all his future endeavors and will miss his  sprightly personality and noble spirit.

If you need anymore information on Rogers past performance at Softico,please feel free to contact me on the number provided below:

Warm Regards,

Warren Rami

Marketing Head,

Softico Beverages,Inc






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