Who to Ask for a Job Reference


Who to Ask for a Job Reference – When you apply  for a job interview and pass the preliminary rounds,you are expected to furnish  a list of references of people who are known to you, so that some of the claims on your resume can be verified.These people that you provide contacts of,will form a reference list,and can consist of  former employer,friend,neighbor or anyone who knows you well enough on a professional and personal basis both.One of these references can also be requested to write  a letter of recommendation for you,which will also be asked for once you successfully clear the job interview.Keep in mind that whoever you ask to be a reference for you should be someone with whom you have had a healthy positive relationship in the past with , so that when your new employer calls them fora reference,they will provide a good account of you.Also these people will actively endorse you and wont turn your request for reference down when asked.

Who to Ask for a Job Reference

Who are the best people to refer you?

The best people to refer you are people whom you trust more than anything else.I would suggest your best friend – hoping he/she has a When the new hiring manager calls them up to ask few questions about you,it will be in a semi investigative manner.It will not be straight forward,some questions will be personal and some to the point that deal with your work.

More than your professional job qualifications,they will want to access your credibility and integrity as an individual.Remember that in the job interview,you have already been accessed on your potential as a suitable candidate for the jobs and duties that come along with the job profile.This can be verified by calling up your previous employer or manager under whom you worked.

Different kinds of references

Just as described above,you need two types of references on your reference list that you submit.The first at the top would be your current employer or manager if you are still attached to that job,or else your former superior with whom you have a good rapport with.It would be a good choice to give a reference of someone you were close to on a semi personal level and someone who will put in a good word for you with enthusiasm and fervor.

this person on the top position of your reference sheet will act as a base for securing your new job position.He/she needs to be someone of good repute and high designation who will whole heartedly endorse you and even be shrewd enough to answer any tricky questions that are posed to them.

Your second reference should ideally be your best friend or someone who is very close to you.It may sound unethical,but this person should be able to tell a tiny white lie if the need arises.He/She should be sharp and quick to answer any type of question.since this person wont be related to your work in any way,the chances are the first question that hits them will be- how long have you known xxx for? So make sure its an old friend.The series of questions asked to this person will be of a more personal nature rather than professional.This will be to establish your character and personality.Another thing to note is that this second reference also needs to be secured with a good job at a reasonable designation at his/her workplace.

A total of three to four references in total is good to have on your list.This list can be submitted at a later time after you have successfully passed the job interview and then needs to be furnished.The first two references are the most likely to be called,the third and fourth entries can be colleagues from your work place.

Who to Ask for a Job Reference – After compiling your contacts that you need to submit for references,you have to set those in numbered bullet lists and make a Reference list,more of which has been discussed in detail





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