Best careers and jobs with high salary in india


Best careers and jobs with high salary in India – All these jobs and careers that i have mentioned below are those that i have had personal experience with either through a member of my family or family friend who is working as either of these.

After speaking to them personally only then have i made this list with very accurate wages and earnings.Also remember that these are not freshers salaries but slightly experienced incomes.(few years).


1.Criminal Lawyer


Doing LLB from a college ad then passing the Bar exam will get you a law degree.You can specialize in Criminal Law and work for a senior advocate or firm that deals with criminal law.The reason there is so much money in criminal law is that nobody wants to go to jail,or rather people who are in jail will pay any amount of money to their lawyers to get them out faster using all the loopholes in the Indian Judicial System.

A good friend of mine is Criminal Lawyer and he says the only drawback of his profession is that you sometimes have to deal with hardened criminals and gangsters.They are mostly the ones who pay well and if at the end of the day you are doing an honest job as a lawyer and just charging fees for various services like :

  • Court appearance fees
  • Consultation fees
  • Client Retention fees
  • Bail Application fees etc
  • Drafting and sending of notices,petitions etc

As soon as you take on your client you will charge a lump sum for your services,this can start from Rs.25,000, and because these cases in the criminal court go on for may months and years,every few months your client will have to pay you fees as the case keeps coming up for hearing in court.

Don’t forget this is just your income from just one client,you can easily earn more than a lac a month.



Indians are more prone to heart disease than white people and other races around the world because of tow reasons:

  • We exercise very less and have bad eating habits
  • We genetically have narrow arteries that tend of clog up faster

Due to the increase in the number of heart disease patients all over metro cities in India,this is the best medical branch from all other specialties.

Each time to refer a patient for surgery,you get a massive kickback from the hospital and surgeon.

You get paid high consultation fees -atleast Rs 1500 per patient visit to your clinic

You get employment in a hospital as a visiting doctor and get a high salary from there too.

You get kickbacks from pharma companies for prescribing and promoting their drugs to your patients

These are some of the ways you can earn as a cardiologist,there are others also which i do not now about,but just these 4 ways will bring you minimum Rs.4-6 lacs a month as income.

3.Oil / Petroleum Engineer

Did you know that in the top ten biggest companies in India 3 are Oil,Petroleum and Natural Gas Refiners? These are Reliance,IOC and ONGC.Not only this,even in the global fortune 500 index,the oil companies dominate the top spots.

Since the last decade,the shift of oil discovery has shifted from the middle east to USA and Russia.

If you become an Petroleum engineer you will get employed not only in various plants and refineries in India,but even in the Middle east.IT is easier to get a visa for Saudi Arabia as compared to USA.Saudi companies pay top bucks for your expertise in Petroleum Engineering.There are thousands of Indians who go to Saudi every year and get high paying jobs as Petroleum engineers.

+ Check how to get an engineering job in a gulf country

4.Airline pilot

This job is not a surprise for many of you reading im sure,but one drawback of this is that it is very costly to get a complete CPL with type rating.You will have to shell our atleast 40-45 lacs in total.The CPL costs about 25 lacs and the type rating is another 20 odd lacs,but this can be adjusted against your salary after you get a job in an airline.

You take home salary will be atleast $1300 a month which is excellent.IT translates to close to a lac a month for a newbie.Best part is you don’t need to work more than 22 days in a calendar month,plus you get to stay always in 5 star hotels and live like a king.Not to mention free flights for you and immediate family.

5.Air hostess / Pursor / Cabin crew

Cabin crew on a international airline will pay you atleast $1000  month or Rs.65,000.Onc you have gained little experience in a domestic carrier and learn the job well,you will get employment in an international carrier and be paid in dollars.

Just like any airline job the bad side is that it is a round the clock shift and you might face odd hours duty as well as jet lag due to changing time zones.

The other perks include 5 star hotel stays,the best food,free travel around the world and tickets for family.If you love adventure and travel,plus get paid for it,then go for this fun occupation.

6.IT professional

This job has been the most popular ever since the 90’s and reached a peak during the initial dot com boom of early 2000’s.Even today there is a huge demand for IT professionals who know programming languages,web development,web security,app development and software coding to name a few.

Not only in India but all over the world,even in western countries,USA and Canada you will be paid atleast $4000 a month and the scope to land a job abroad is very high.

In India you can expect to earn Rs 40,000 a month easily after just 2-3 years of experience.It is a highly lucrative career.

7.Import Export / Drop shipping

Import Export is an old business,but drop shipping is new and a mix of the two can help you earn well while you are sitting in your bedroom.It is an occupation that you can do from anywhere but requires little bit of time to setup and get some experience in before earning bigger bucks.

Drop shippers buy products from Chinese websites usually,or those that are very cheap and have them delivered to the customer,this acting like a middle man and keeping the price difference.

There are some courses that you can do to learn about import export and this will help you greatly even if you want to make a career from it and do traditional importing of goods and not drop shipping.

8.Merchant Navy

After doing 12 science you can either choose to become a deck cadet in a merchant ship or work as a mechanical engineer in the engine room of the ship.These are two major options that you have.The first is the easiest to get into and you have to keep writing exams every few years to get to the next level of command as an officer on the ship.

According to your rank and experience you will be hired and paid in dollars if the shipping company is international.You can expect to start of with atleast $700 a month.

Besides this,there are also cook jobs on the ship that also pay well.Cruise liners hire people for all sorts of jobs all over the ship and they too pay in dollars.

9.Paramedical jobs

Besides being an MBBS there are many other medical jobs that you can take up like lab technicians,cardiac care assistants,pathologists etc.These careers require you to either do a B.Sc in that field or  diploma and all these jobs are highly specialized an you will be qualified to get a job working in either a hospital,clinic,laboratory or any other medical facility.

Some of these jobs are:


11.Medical General Practitioner

A Medical GP is one whom you go to for fever,cough,cold and small ailments.You might think that these guy don’t earn as much as a specialist or a surgeon,but you are wrong.Firstly they always make much more than other specialists just because of consultation fees.Logic in this is that there are many more people suffering from small everyday ailments than there are with serious diseases.

You can earn atleast Rs.75,000 onwards a month only from consultation fees.This can further increase because usually,the GP tells the patient to come again after 3 days for a checkup and maybe continue/stop the medication.

After this there are perks in the form of gifts or kickbacks from pharma companies,diagnostic labs also offer perks if you refer patients to them for testing.


12. Surgeon

After doing MBBS you can specialize by going in for M.D or M.S which gives you an additional qualification.

You can charge directly from patients an amount for performing the surgery plus the hospital will give you your fees separately that they collect from the patient package.

These hospital packages are similar to hotel packages and includes medicines,doctors charges,surgeons charges,ICU charges and room charges.

On top of this you will also earn 3-4 consultation charges for each time your patient comes to visit you in your clinic.This is usually once before the operation and 2-3 times after the surgery.

Medical surgery is  big business now and if you are a heart surgeon,you have to be tied up with a Cardiologist,who will continuously refer his patients to you.Even if you do 4 surgeries a month – which is low, you can earn 7 -10 lacs minimum a month including consultation charges all included.


Gone are the days where people thought that music was a hobby and not a serious profession.You can start by going in for music classes either to a private tutor or through a music app that arranges classes for you through group learning.

After gaining enough skill in either vocals/keyboards/drum/guitar you can earn through :

  • Stage performing for commercial artist
  • Backup studio playing
  • Jingles
  • Bollywood music
  • Live performances in hotels/restaurants

Since most of these jobs are freelance based and not salary,the more gigs you do per month,the more you can hope to earn.A conservative figure can be starting from Rs.25,000 a month to 2.5 lacs a month

14.Teacher / Professor / Lecturer

Gone are the old days when teachers were paid poorly.With the new IB schools coming up all over the metro cities,teachers in these school get a minimum of Rs.70,000 a month.

In government aided schools the 7th pay commission ensures that teachers get min Rs.28,000 a month and other private schools will pay you atleast Rs.42,000 a month.

The best part of these school teaching jobs is that you get all major vacations in the year,Diwali,Christmas,Summer,Mid term and weekends.You teach only 19 days a month with another 3 months holidays in the academic year.

Other ways to make an income a s teacher is either by giving private tuition / group tuition or taking up a part time coaching class job after school/college hours.

If you add tuition to your salary,you can make close to a lac per month from this profession.


Even if you are short,you can get magazine and print ad assignments in brochures and online e commerce portals.If you rae tall,the sky is the limit and the major income will be from ramp walk shows for designers.

A mid level model can be paid atleast Rs.7500 per show and a top model can command upto Rs.15000 per show.








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