F.E engineering exam – How to pass it ?


F.E engineering exam – How to pass First Year? – In most state universities all over india, the fe engineering exam seems to be one of the hardest to pass. I have received several mails regarding this issue, and everyone asks me why the first year engineering is so tough and why so many atkts. Before we go any further, let us clear one thing. All four years of engineering are hard, not only the first. The difference lies in the fact that the level of education takes a big leap from the 12th standard or diploma to the FE engineering.

Thus it may “appear” harder, but once you clear FE, then the consecutive years SE TE and finally BE feel simple in comparison, because by then you know what it takes, and the level of preparation that is required to secure those 40 marks.Most casualties or ATKTs in the FE exam happen, not because of lack of preparation but simply because the students dont know how much to study,and  the correct methodology to write the paper.Here is a list of faqs that you can go through.

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 why does the fe syllabus keep changing every few years?

Every 5 years or so there will be a possible change in the syllabus and consecutively with the ATKT rules. Its like this- in the first year after the new syllabus and kt rules come out, the results are usually the worst, most number of flunkies, terrible pass percentage in most colleges. By the end of the fifth year of that syllabus, the pass percentages are through the roof. This is because the same material, pattern and questions have been constantly compiled into a question paper and laid out in over 12 exams, so it becomes very predictable. Passing becomes easier, in order to maintain that same level of “toughness”, new material  and concepts needs to be introduced into the syllabus from time to time.


how to secure 40 marks

In the fe engineering exam, aiming to get a high score shouldn’t be your priority. Getting to 40 marks should be. Setting this realistic goal and working towards it will ensure that you land just over the 40 mark line.I know brilliant people who had cleared IIT screening exams and other who got 90% and above in the 12th, but who flunked FE simply because their goals were not practical and they thought  they were too smart.They thought that they could clear all 5 -6 subjects in sem 1 easily. I did too, and i cleared only 3. So much for high hopes. Its better to aim low and ensure you clear. Leave the scoring for the final year. There are very few subjects and its very easy comparatively. Most drops happen in first year because of this very reason. A new atmosphere, new studying environment, huge syllabus and killer FE subjects like Maths 1, Mech, CP  and drawing  (for the visually creative impaired).

One way of getting to this goal is by taking classes outside of college. The reason for this is not so much the better notes, but its just a way of getting you into the groove of things early on. Most of us tend to start studying about 1 month before the exam. In FE that is suicidal. By going for classes ,which start about 4 months before the exam, you need not start studying from day 1, but you get the general drift of things, you’re acquainted with the syllabus and you know what you’re up against.Taking a class coupled with “Actual” studying 45 days before the paper date should get you to clear.

what time limit do i have  to clear the fe engineering exam?

Other than the standard atkt rules that apply, you need to clear all your FE subjects before you get admission to TE. There have been questions raised about the maximum number of attempts one can give for a particular subject and what happens if you exceed that number.In my days i too had heard about something called ” Not fit for technical education”. Though i have never seen it actually happen, i did experience it somewhat. I had one pending BEE paper from FE and to my bad luck the syllabus was changing the next year. We were in the OLD syllabus and the NEW syllabus BEE paper was completely different. We were told “unofficially” to clear it anyhow. We were not told if we didn’t clear it what the consequences would be. But we didn’t want to find that out. Luckily the 6 of us who gave that final BEE paper of the OLD syllabus, cleared it all. Besides this, i know people who have given papers 8 times and haven’t been warned about any NFTE.

Anyway, you have to be very careless and unlucky (if the syllabus changes) to get the unofficial warning that i did. Even the toughest subjects can be cleared in max 3-4 attempts.

is the fe engineering exam the hardest from all years?

This maybe relative and debatable, but let me answer this in the simplest way possible. The amount i have studied for my FE, i have never studied before and i dont think i will ever in my life again. The jump from 12th /HSC to FE is a big one, not all can cope with it, some get to SE with 4-5 KTS, some get a drop, some get double drops and some just leave and continue with FYBSC and accept failure. Its a great achievement  if you clear your FE, in whichever university in India you come from. You can think of FE as a filter. It separates the cream from ordinary guys, it will tell you  the difference between  a winner and a quitter.






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