M.Sc. IT: Eligibility, Course details & Career Scope


M.Sc. IT: Eligibility, Course details & Career Scope – The Masters of Science in Information technology course is a two year post graduate degree course that is offered by many universities all over the country.It has a duration of 2 years long and has lots of course material common with B.E Information technology.

If you have done IT Engineering or Computer Engineering or even BCA,then you are eligible to apply for admission into this course.


Masters of Computer Application is a post graduate course which is of 3 years duration and is a follow up to the BCA course that is done  after class 12.It gives its emphasis to development of applications,Database Management and Administration,Computer System Development and Design.

Compared to M.Sc IT,it gives lesser importance to web,Internet and networking.In M.Sc IT,you will have subjects like Network Management,Web Technologies and Information Technology Management.

So if you want to go in for a more software development approach then opt for MCA,whereas if you are more interested in E-Commerce,Internet ,then its better to take M.Sc IT.

Also M.Sc IT is one year shorter compared to MCA.


Eligibility and Admission

In order to get admission into a college offering M.Sc IT,you need to have a bachelors degree in I.T,which should be  minimum of 3 years long.This can be a B.Sc I.T or even a branch of engineering.This can be B.E in IT or B.E Computer science or even B.Com with Computer Application.

There are not many colleges that offer this course,but most probably your same college that you did your B.Sc I.T / B.Sc Computer Science from,will be offering it.Also your chances will increase to get admission into your same college as compared to joining a new college.

Admission process happens on the basis of merit and if you score above 50% in your final year result,that should be good enough to get you a seat

About the course

This Masters course is a two years long and is divided into four semester of 6 months each.Some of the individual subjects per semester are shown below,however these might change with the college/university/education board


Subjects for MSc I.T

The subjects which are segregated as semester wise contain four papers per semester.In the first year all four subjects are common for all students and are all compulsory, but in the second and final year there are two compulsory subjects and two are choice subjects and can be selected from a pool of electives.

Semester – I (Four Papers)
1.1  Data Mining
1.2  Distributed System
1.3  Data Analysis Tools
1.4  Software Testing

Semester – II (Four Papers)

2.1  Mobile Computing
2.2  Advanced Computer Networks
2.3  Cloud Computing and Ubiquitous System
2.4  Advanced Database Systems

Semester – III (Four Papers)

3.1 Embedded Systems

3.2 Information Security Management

3.3 Elective 1

Artificial Neural Networks

3.4 Elective 2

Digital Image Processing
Ethical Hacking

Semester – IV (Four Papers)

4.1 Artificial Intelligence
4.2 IT Infrastructure Management Project

4.3 Elective 1

Intelligent Systems
Real Time Embedded Systems
Computer Forensics

4.4 Elective 2

Design of Embedded Control Systems
Advanced Image Processing
Cloud Management

* (as per curricular)


One of the best things about doing an M.Sc IT degree is that you are treated on par with IT Engineers (B.E. Degree holders), MCAs and B.Techs.

You will get the same salary as any other IT professional and infact you might be selected over other candidates having the same credentials because you have a Masters Degree compared to others who are only graduates.

You can expect a starting salary of atleast Rs 25,000 per month in-hand.If you have a little experience this can increase exponentially. There is no limit to your earning potential, and i know IT professionals who are earning 75,000 a month after just 4 years experience.

Some of the skills you should know in order to get employed are:

-Custom Web Application Development

-Enterprise B2B B2C Portal development

-PSD Conversions

-UI UX Web design

-Writing Code and building software applications

-Knowledge in PHP with experience in Object Oriented Programming Strong SQL skill

-PHP frame works, sphinx/ solar, Git, Jira, Slack etc.

-Mobile App Development over Android , Windows , iOS , iPhone , iPad phone , mobile Webs

Social Media Marketing

-ERP Solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Is an Msc IT worth it?

What i suggest you do is that you can do B.Sc IT and get a job for a year or so.Learn about the industry and the current programming languages that are being used the most for creating applications.
With this knowledge, you can take a sabbatical from your job and start a course in M.Sc IT.
The reason for this is – It will help you exactly to choose your specialization subject in the final semester of second year MSC IT.After getting a good specialty subject,you will be far more qualified + you will have some work experience also.
This will put you way ahead of other job seekers and get you a high paying job directly after graduating from MSc IT
Best of Luck ! Hope this advice helps.



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