msbte rules for passing


msbte rules for passing – The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education has its own Diploma ATKT rules for passing and failing in its academic year.


msbte atkt rules

The ATKT rule for msbte is given as 1:3.That means you are allowed to fail in 33% or 1/3 rd of total heads of passing ( not subjects).For example if there are 6 HOP,then you need to clear (1/3*6=2)  4 HOP and fail in 2.If you fail in more than 2 then the result is an ATKT.

Difference between heads of passing and subjects

IMPORTANT – I have written a detailed post on what heads of passing are.For now,in MSBTE diploma ATKT rules,it is slightly different compared to other engineering ATKT rules.

In MSBTE rules of passing,you are allowed to fail even in theory,oral viva and practical of the same subject like chemistry, that will still be considered as only 1 HOP.Did you understand?-This means,you still have 1 more HOP left out of 6 HOPs and will still clear the year on an ATKT result.



Suppose you have cleared the semester but have a backlog of the old semester ATKTS.How do you proceed to the next year.Here are the rules for going to the next year and avoiding a drop.


msbte rules for passing

For entire detailed rulebook of MSBTE go here

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