Thank You Letter for References and Recommendations


Thank You Letter for References and Recommendations – When someone writes you¬† recommendation letter or agrees to be a reference for a job you have applied for,it is common courtesy to be polite and return that favor.One way to do this is by writing an email or better still, a handwritten thank you note for that reference,this will make it more personal and it gives a long lasting impression on that person.Generally people tend to keep hand written messages and don’t discard them easily.Keep the note short,meaningful and let the words be genuine.

Thank You Letter for References

Ways to say Thank you to a reference

The best possible ways to say thank you to your reference are by :

Notes: This is the best way to say thank you for the simple reason is that its personalized and hand written.It is short,sweet and does not come across as being too formal.this is best for a personal reference that maybe a friend from the neighborhood or a former colleague that you were close to.

Letter : A written letter addressed in a semi formal manner is good for your former boss or manager who made a professional reference for you.This also should ideally be handwritten to show that you took the time and trouble to make this gesture.

Email/Phone Call : This should be used only for a friend or former colleague who you were very informal with and who is young.

Reasons to write a Thank you note for references

1.More than common courtesy it is to show professional conduct in the corporate work place between peers and your superiors,even though you do not work for that company anymore.It should create a feeling of good will between you and the person who referred you.

2.What may come across as being a little selfish to some people, but one major reason to send a thank you note to your references is so that in future they might come in handy once again if you need a reference or good word from them.

3.If you have got the job position that you had applied for,this is a good opportunity to let the reference know it, as well as thank them for their help.

Sample Thank You Letter for References

Dear Nancy,

I want to thank you with all my heart for the lovely things you said about me when the hiring manager from Royal Trust Bank called you.I want to tell you that i have been hired for that job and i am looking for a great future working there.If there is any way i can help you with a reference or anything else in future please let me know.




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