Academic Reference Letter and Request Examples


Academic Reference Letter and Request Examples – An academic reference letter just like a recommendation letter for higher studies or for graduate college is asked by a student to a teaching faculty member of a former high school or college before taking up admission in University or for a Master’s Degree/ Professional Course.

Academic Reference Letter Request

This Academic Reference Letter is asked either during the admission process for a new applicant at college/ university  or for a job selection process for a candidate who intends to be part of the teaching vacancy post in an education institution.

There are two parts to this article,one that deals with the request by the student to the teacher for a reference letter for a job and the other is a sample of a academic recommendation letter by the teacher for the student.Sometimes a professor or teacher asks that the student give a formal request in writing before he/she can reciprocate with a recommendation letter,otherwise the student can verbally communicate this request.

Why you need an Academic Reference Letter 

Just like a employment reference letter that verifies the professional qualifications,work experience and character of the job applicant,an Academic reference letter correlates the  grades,study ethics,background ,overall self development and character of the student whilst he/she was studying in that institution.

Top Universities and Colleges need to maintain their top grades and reputations by admitting students who will further that cause and be worthy of being part of that prestigious institution.They need a verifiable source of good standing to endorse the claims of the student that are pledged in the Statement of Purpose and the Educational Transcripts.

Academic Reference Letters are given just copy to the student with multiple envelopes from the admisinstraon office of the School.The student needs to make request the number of copies required (usually about 20).These copies are then individually put one in each envelope that has the printed emblem or logo of the school on it.Each one is then sealed and authenticated.

Academic Reference Letter Sample for a student from a teacher

Dear Mr.Wachowski,

I am writing this recommendation with regards to Shanaya Taylor’s admission application into King’s college for the Culture and Humanities course this Fall.I have had the pleaseure of being Shanaya’s History teacher,both in Junior and Senior High School years.

She has excelled in my class in  the years that i have been part of the department.I can vouch for her extensive passion and hard work in the subject.She has been atop notch student and has  good academic grades and practical knowledge in Modern Archeology and Ancient Civilzations of Asia.

She will be a good addition to the new batch of students taking admission and will excel in all fields of study.

If you need to get in touch for anything else related to Shanaya’s academic or attendance records you can email me or call at any time.

Mrs.Anne Aniston


Academic Reference Letter Request Example from Student to Teacher

Dear Mr.Clements,

I am writing to you to request an Academic Reference Letter to compliment my job application for the post of Kindergarten Teacher at St.Michel’s primary school.

In all the three years that i have spent in your class at Glasgow College,it has been an honor studying the Basic and Advanced Elementary Pedagogy course under you.

I am hoping this recommendation that you write , will give me that extra edge to get this position that i have been vying for.

Thanking you

Lily Carter

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