Top 9 B. Sc. courses with good job scope


 Top 9 B. Sc. courses with good job scope – This is list of 7 B.Sc degree courses that you can take up after doing class 12 boards.I have selected this list based on the earning potential,future job scope and career opportunities.Some of these B.Sc courses you may have not heard of ,but trust me they are better than any other engineering or medical.

ALLIED HEALTHCARE courses- I have purposely put in many B.Sc degrees that deal with the healthcare industry.Many of these are new and have only recently been started but the job opportunities are fantastic and the payscale also is very high.


1.B.Sc Aviation

This is a one of the best new B.Sc degrees and teaches you all the aspects of flying and even gives you a student pilot license.The college that is offering it ties up with a flying club for the practical sessions of actual flight,and the theory is taught at the college.Due to the fact that flying classes cost about Rs.6000 per hour,the fees of this course cost a few lakhs but it is worth it.

After doing this course,you can directly apply for the CPL – commercial pilot license at a flying school and do a short course before applying for the DGCA examinations and starting your type rating on commercial jetliner.

Since you have this B.Sc graduation degree plus a CPL from a flying school,your chances of getting a good starting job and salary is very high.

FRESHERS SALARY – Approx Rs.55,000 per month

2.B.Sc Agriculture

Agriculture has been the biggest industry for us since the last 100 years,but the organized structure with reference to agro products,ecology and its effects on the ecology have only been studied in the last decade.

Agricultural engineering as well as B.Sc Agricultural graduates will find lots of work in the millions of agro related companies all over the nation.Some deal with direct vegetative produce,farm machinery,seeds,crops,soil,fertilizers etc. There is a wide range of jobs in sales,marketing as well as the technological side of this sector that is still untapped.


Some other options other than that  of B.Sc Agriculture are:

  • B.Sc Forestry
  • B.Sc Horticulture
  • B.Sc Sericulture
  • B.Sc Food Science & Nutrition

Fresher starting salary – Rs.19,000 onward

3.B.Sc Nautical Science

This is one of the most lucrative and highly paid shipping jobs that a science student can do after finishing class 12.You can directly enroll yourself for this B.Sc course that lasts for 3 years and learn all the seamanship skills required to be a deck cadet.Some of the subjects of this course are cargo handling,stowage and other operations required for smooth running of a merchant vessel.

When thinking of shipping,many think only of marine engineering.This is much easier and faster way to get a job posting on a foreign merchant company because your skills are varied as compared to marine engineering where you learn mostly about the engine room operation.

Fresher Starting Salary – $750 a month 

4.B.Sc Computer Science

The Computers and IT sector is the most flourishing industry since the lat two decades.Many students opt to go for Computer and IT engineering,but those have extra unnecessary subjects and drag on for 4 years which makes it difficult to clear.

In comparison, after class 12 if you opt for  B.Sc in computer science,you will learn almost the same programming languages,web technologies and skills that computer engineers do.

Computers will be the dominant and most sought after job even for the next 10 ears so it makes sense to get into it.

Freshers Salary – Rs.21,000

5.B.Sc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is also one of the best paramedical courses that you can get into after doing class 12th science.If you do not want to pursue MBBS or did not get a seat and still want to be in the medical line,this is one of the best courses to do.

You can easily get a job in the pharma industry and get employment either in R & D,sales and marketing of drugs.

After doing this course,your door is opened to other specialties like microbiology,genetics,immunology and others.Your scope will be greatly increased and so will your chances of getting a higher salary.

Fresher Salary – Rs.19,000

6.B.Sc Nursing

This is a profession for both males and females,not only women as most people think.There are many colleges that train male nurses also and this course is highly specialized. It is part of the allied healthcare sector and in Western countries is given great importance as a paramedical program.

The B.Sc Nursing gives you a full theory and practical (internship)  sessions so that you are 100% ready to be part of any hospital or clinical setup as soon as you graduate.

Job potential is immense both in India as well as abroad since this is a job only second to doctors in the medical fraternity.You can get jobs in diagnostic centres,commnity care,prvate clinics as well as a home either way you ca easily earn Rs.1000 per day as  home nurse taking care of a single patient.

Fresher Starter Salary – Rs.26,000


7.B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

Also known as B.Sc Cardiology or Cardiac Technology is one of the best courses that often goes unnoticed and is underrated.Again it is one of the B.Sc courses that deals with the Allied healthcare sector.

Just like the previous paramedical B.Sc courses that you can do after completing class 12 science,these medical based degrees are the next best thing if you do not secure admission and get a seat in a medical college.It is nothing to be ashamed of because there is lots of competition and the entrance test is very hard for medical.

As a Cardiac care technician,you will prepare the patient for heart surgery and directly assist the heart surgeon.Other duties include following up the diagnosis and medication prescribed by the Cardiologist,monitoring of pacemakers.




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