Making a career from your hobby


Making a career from your hobby – The 12th board exams are just beginning and once thats done, most of you students will have to make the most important decision of your life. What after 12th ? This is the most crucial stage of your education and your career as a whole.I can tell you this,because the decision i made was totally wrong, and it changed my life in a big way.I hope everyone who reads this,will not make the same mistake as me.

DO NOT listen to your friends, DO NOT listen to your family,but only listen to yourself, because only you know whats best for you, and what you love.I did engineering and i never enjoyed even one second of those 4 years i spent there. One of my best friends also did engineering , but just as me never liked it,and only did it to please his father.

Today he teaches guitar at a music school.Sure he doesn’t earn as much as other engineering pass outs, but hes extremely happy doing it.Me too,never took up an engineering job after passing out,but went into the Hospitality Industry, and i currently earn 5 times more than my other engineering friends. I love what im doing and so does my Guitar teaching engineering pal.I know he will be extremely successful someday because he loves what he does,and that all that matters, its the ONLY key to success. I remember the time when we were kids and my cousin and i played video/tv games.those days games were in 2d as compared to todays play station,wii and xbox that all simulate 3D.My cousin played it so much his hands hurt,and he told me,when he grows up, he would love to design games.We never took him seriously,he was a fun guy and not at all studious,and often came last in class.Today he works for one of the biggest animation companies and earns 6 lacs a month.

Do what you love,love what you do.The late Steve Jobs said a few lines about this, you can see that here.


For others who want to try more conventional careers without risk, here is a list:

1.Merchant Navy/Sailing

2.BioMedical Engineering

3.Indian Navy

4.Medical Officer in the Armed Forces

5.Indian Army

6.Civil Engineering

7.NDA Military School

8.Coast Guard Officer

9.Fashion Design

10.Online Courses

11.Flight Traning


13.Cabin Crew


15.Aeronautical Engineering

16.Hotel Management



This is just a jist of things that you can borwse thorugh nex time the question comes up in your mind what after 12th ?



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