Good courses other than Engineering after 12th Science


Good courses other than Engineering after 12th Science – Since the last 50 years,everyone wants only to do engineering or medicine after class 12 science.The world is changed now and so new industries have emerged with equal potential,if not better than engineering.

There are now more vocational courses available than ever before.People used to call these hobbies,now these hobbies pay you better than engineering and medicine.

If you are just doing class 11 or 12 in science and have not yet decided what you want to do after the board exams,go through these other options.

Why maybe you should NOT do engineering

I am an engineer – well not professionally,but i did B.E from mumbai university,and now i am in the hotel industry.There are thousands like me who have WASTED their engineering degrees,only to realize you can make more money in other fields.

Here are few disadvantages of getting into engineering

1.Difficulty Level – the four years is VERY VERY hard.You will have difficult Maths for 5 continuous semesters.If you are weak with numbers,this will be even more harder for you.Besides maths there are other highly technical subjects like Signal Systems, Electronics, Microprocessor, Analog Digital Circuits etc. These are common subjects for all engineering branches and you cannot escape them.

2.Duration – Most bachelor courses run for 3 years plus maybe one year maximum internship.Most diplomas and certificate courses are 2-3 years at max.Engineering is officially 4 years long,but very few finish it in 4 years.You can safely say that it will take 6 years to complete it and get your B.E degree.This is due to the ATKT in subjects and drop years.

3.Limited Future Scope – Most engineers nowadays do not work as engineers.This is because there are very few limited job options available in any particular engineering branch.For example if you are an electrical engineer passout student,your job profile that you are selected for will maybe include transformers,power systems or something similar.To overcome this and get a higher salary and more job scope,engineers now HAVE TO do an MBA to move into the management side and broaden their job scope

4.Competition form BSc – Many new Bsc degrees,especially in B.Sc I.T and B.Sc Computer science have almost the same syllabus and course curriculum as IT engineering – B.E I.T or B.E Computer engineering.Also they finish the B.Sc course one year earlier,pay lesser fees and the B.Sc course is much easier.So with the same knowledge,employers are also hiring B.Sc graduates as compared to engineers to do the same work.



Good courses other than Engineering after 12th Science

This is a list of the best alternatives to an engineering degree after doing 12th science:


1.B.Sc Courses

As explained briefly above,B.Sc degrees are much easier to do compared to engineering.They are 3 years long compared to 4 years B.E degrees and the choices are much wider .You can choose from all types of B.Sc degrees,depending on your aptitude.

2.Aviation Courses

Aviation is one of the most interesting and fun careers that you can ask for.It is very  rewarding field and lets you travel all over the world.Some of these courses can be done directly after 12th science and many are diplomas.Out of these,the AME is a technical course and the Commercial pilot is partially technical where you need to know physics and maths.The cabin crew post and travel tourism courses do not

3.Sea ( Marine) Courses

After directly doing class 12 science,you may try for marine engineering,cruise ship jobs etc as shown below.The advantage of working these jobs is that you get high salaries,much more than that of any engineering graduate.After doing merchant navy,you will be paid in American dollars after you are hired by a foreign vessel operator.

In cruise ship jobs,not only are you paid in dollars,but you receive lots of additional income through share of tips.

Disadvantage of marine jobs is that you will be away from your family for many months at a time and also the jobs are physically enduring.

  • Marine Engineering
  • Jobs on Cruise Liners
  • Floating Casinos
  • Merchant Navy
  • Indian Navy
  • Coast Guard
  • Offshore Oil Rigs

4.Hotel industry

There are three types of hotel management courses – B.Sc or bachelors which is a 3 year degree,Diploma that is of 18 months duration and a certificate course that runs for 12 weeks.

These courses can all be attended after doing class 12 science and has great future scope in 5 star hotels,restaurants and international cruise tours.


5.Allied healthcare industry

For students who think of doing a medical related course after 12th instead of engineering or MBBS,there are so many healthcare jobs that also pay very well.You will be working either in a hospital,clinic or for a pharmaceutical company some of these courses are:






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