hs code for import from china

hs code for import from china – Compilation of most utilized imported products for quick easy reference and lookup of HS code.All products shown here have basic duty free,however other duties,taxes and surcharges are applicable. READ – Customs duty import rates tariff after GST How to write a Customs duty authorization letter format How easily […]

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Yebhi.com review

Yebhi.com review  – WE often wonder why there is always so much bad press and consumer complaints about online shopping websites. Most of them seem genuine and trustworthy,and thats not just an off the cuff statement.It is after ordering and delivery that we come to the conclusion about how the service and product can be […]

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5 Biggest Freight Forwarding Carriers

The biggest freight forwarding carriers in the world 2011 Ups Revenue (2010)=$49.5 Billion Employees=400,000  Aircraft=223 HQ=USA       Dhl Revenue(2010)=$ 14.52 Billion Employees=275,000 Aircraft = 420 HQ=GERMANY       Purolater Employees=12,500  Revenue =$ 1.5 Billion Aircraft-21 HQ=CANADA       Fedex Revenue (2010)=$ 34 billion Employees=290,000 Aircraft =688 HQ=USA   Tnt Revenue(2010) =$ […]

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Best Flight Training Schools in USA

Best Flight Training Schools in USA – In recent times,the demand for commercial pilots has “skyrocketed” in the wake of new airlines springing up ever so often.Some of the best schools are in the state of Florida,and cater primarily to students from India and  arab Countries.Most of them offer the standard 250 hours training required […]

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Hosting Plans Comparison

Hosting Plans Comparison – After searching for the best deals on web hosting across the web, ive narrowed the search down to the following 9 hosting providers. This is based primarily on the most viable package deals. Other factors that should be considered are uptime of servers and amount of bandwidth allotted because that’s of […]

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Best DHL Commercials

DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight. It is also the world’s number 1 in ocean freight and contract logistics.Here are the Best DHL Commercials and music from all over the globe. THE NEWEST COMMERCIAL FROM 2011,SUNG BY AMY WINEHOUSES’ 15 YEAR OLD PROTEGE DIONNE BROMFELD 1986 VERSION […]

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Diploma Courses In Import Export

Diploma Courses In Import Export – These courses range from a few months to 6 month short term courses which are beneficial to working people and ranging to 3 year degree/diploma courses from bigger institutes. It is advisable for Diploma Courses In Import Export of 3 years to be taken up after 12 th boards […]

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Flipkart review –Everybody has seen Flipkart’s aggressive ad campaign on tv with the punchline “no  kidding”, that tries to showcase  the portals easy cash on delivery system. This was baffling to us, as COD is as old as the hills so why stress so much on this in the  adverts? that being said, there was no other way […]

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Software Engineer Hiring Methods

Software Engineer Hiring Methods – A funny and satirical take on the life of software engineers in India.How they are employed and how their lives are in the office.This was on one of my friends status messages,who happens to be a software engineer herself too.     COMPANIES FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING METHODS: COGNIZANT Method: hire […]

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Transfer of residence rules for cars | Vehicle | Motorcycle | Pets

Transfer of residence rules for cars – Apart from household goods and other domestic cargo,there are separate customs charges and duties for import of cars,motorcycles and pets.Also check the nri  customs rules for transfer of residence customs duty charges Transfer of residence rules for NRI baggage click here  Transfer of residence rules for cars Either a […]

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Transfer of residence rules for nri

Transfer of residence rules for nri – This may apply to people who have worked abroad for a few years, setup their home there and now when they want to get back to their home country require to import their household belongings here.the procedure is given below when TR is availed for a full container […]

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CREDILA Education Loan Application Form

There are two ways that you can get your fill up your CREDILA Education Loan Application Form Before going ahead and downloading the application form, read our CREDILA REVIEW 1.Online Form  available HERE 2.Download it in pdf format, save to your computer and fill it later.Download HERE   Details about Student,Co-Borrower and Guarantor along with supporting documents need […]

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Qvendo Review

Qvendo Review -If you have it, Flaunt it. Whoever said that definitely shopped at Qvendo ,because thats the class and elegance the  Swiss Online Fashion Store portrays when you first log in. When asked by a common friend to review Qvendo, it seemed daunting, even though our website does feature E-commerce Portal Reviews, but none with so much panache and exuberance. […]

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Nursing Colleges in Australia

Nursing Colleges in Australia -All Nursing colleges in Australia and other institute that offer courses in nursing conform to a set syllabus of study laid down by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council.The courses in most of the colleges and universities below span about 2 years with an additional year for clinical placements.One of the […]

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Cabin Crew Training in Australia

Cabin Crew Training in Australia – There are more Flying schools and Pilot training institutes  than Cabin Crew Training in Australia which number just a few.Many of them are accommodated to adjust to foreign students and that is the primary reason that the courses are spread over just 8 weeks.This is to ensure that the foreign student can […]

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MS or MBA which is better ?

MS or MBA which is better  -Classic question that’s been doing the rounds is- out of the two MS or MBA which is better  Of course we all know that an MS is an American Degree for post graduation Engineering.MBA for that matter can be done in USA or at your home country too,most of […]

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ATutor Features List updated

ATutor Features List updated – One of the most widely used Learning Management Systems in recent times, which has been around since more than a year.Now three avatars later the ATUtor Features list  boasts of better security upgrades, a new version of Fluid’s Uploaded and most importantly a more robust and efficient Common Cartridge. Here is […]

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